Happy Mum’s day:-)

I had a good one–I got to sleep in… (the ginormous Jedi-knight battle going on in the living room didn’t count. I wasn’t called upon to officiate, so it really was considered ‘sleeping in’. Besides, those were happy screams, and I can sleep through those.)

I got presents. (Supernatural, Season 1. Jensen…mmmm….)

We saw a movie. (Speed Racer–my first true love. It upset me to see Christina Ricci play Trixie to Emile Hirsch’s ‘Speed’. The age difference between the two of them is even greater than the age difference between me and Jensen. Hussy! I was also intrigued by Rex the younger… Scott Porter. He could play Torrant, I think, and I’m always looking out for that!)

And we drove our collective arses off–you think I’m kidding?

Citrus Heights to Roseville–movie.
Roseville to Ophir–Mate’s mom and grandma.
Ophir to Loomis–my stepmom, who, by the way, did not approve of Bitter Moon AT ALL.
Loomis to Stockton blvd.–picking up Alexa, my mom.
Stockton blvd. to Fair Oaks–taking Alexa to see her mom, Grandma Olga.
Fair Oaks to Citrus Heights–home at last.
Except for Mate–he’s taking Alexa back to Stockton blvd. and then coming home, because he’s a good Mate and deserves to have his unmentionables massaged by the nubile young thing of his choice. Unfortunately, he’s stuck with me. What I lack in nubility I make up for in enthusiasm and a respect for a middle-aged-man’s need to be asleep by eleven thirty.

*whew* It’s one of those days that makes me see tarmac in front of my eyes as I sleep–not to mention my ear drums are burst out from hearing the short lunatics having a screaming match at each other from their car seats because one of them wanted the Melman (a stuffed giraffe) and the other one wanted the Melman, but neither of them wanted the Ooh-Aah. Cursed short people–they were tired and hungry, but at least they made sure none of us got out of the car without the mandatory tick behind our eyes, right? But that’s okay–it was mostly a good day. I feel like a good daughter/grand-daughter and a decent enough mum to get a card from each kid. (Kewyn’s was especially precious–it featured a kid with nutsy-cukoo hair drinking from the milk bottle in front of an open fridge. The caption read “I don’t have any clean underwear on either.” I mean, could you FIND a card more like that kid?) All in all, worth the price of admission, you know?

And I got comments from Catie (who has been gone for school/work considerations, but I always love hearing from her) which is good. I didn’t quite get to send out Allergic Mom’s package–sorry darling–I’ll try tomorrow–I may even go to the dreaded Kinkos in Natomas, but I warn you, those people are cursed and their store is cursed and their trucks have to go on the curvy road to hell before they get to their destination. But that’s only 3 out of 10 times–maybe we’ll get lucky!

And other than that? I’m going to go knit on something that’s not my 3 travel socks, which, btw, all made good time today. Mate drove while I knit. He does that for me–have I mentioned he’s a good Mate? Perhaps I should more often!


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  1. TinkingBell says:

    Ha – I got to eat cold toast spread 3 inches deep in vegemite by Samuel – 3 years old and dry cold toast with cream cheese and fresh strawberry jam (mine) spread by Sian – 5 (very beautifully) – I would eat dry awful toast any day when it’s produced by my kids!

  2. What a wonderful weekend.

  3. roxie says:

    As moms go, you rock! As mother’s Days go, that wasn’t bad at all. Mate treats you well and he damn well oughta!

  4. Galad says:

    Sounds like a good Mother’s Day weekend was had by all.

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