Happy Release Day

Hee hee hee… Okay… I have to admit that I still have memories of the old Harlequin Romances, where “release” could mean something very, uhm, organic to the entire romance “process”, if you know what I mean!  (CLIMAX, people, rockin’ the big O, not going but coming… nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more!)  Anyway, when people tell me “Happy Release Day!” I always smirk.

Now you know why.

So, The Three Fates is out, and Andrew, Elizabeth, Mary and I are all doing happy dances.  Elizabeth and I decided that us wimmins are the three Fates on the cover.  I get to be the one in the hood, cause you all know hooded cloaks turn my key!  (Andrew also gets to be in the picture, but he gets his choice, and I”m keeping that mum!)  

Anyway, the cover is beautiful, and I hope people think the stories are too!  Besides Dreamspinner Press (which has all the e-reader formats you could hope for on your portable bookshelf and takes PayPal as well) the book is also available at ARe and Amazon and I REALLY HOPE you all like the story inside.  I did that entire post last week on the Fanfic of the Gods and as I was editing this one, I realized that a lot of the things Leif was saying about stories and what they mean to us as human beings are beliefs I hold dear to my heart.  This one for everyone who believes that a story is more than a story and that fiction holds the essence of truth.  I believe it with all my heart.  

And in other news?   Well, for starters, I guest blogged here at Chicks & Dicks about getting into a character’s head, and that was fun– come by and comment, it’s one of my “educational” posts but I have to confess… I got the title because Julianne sent me this clip with Jeremy Renner in it, and the song was stuck in my head:

Isn’t he adorable?  Don’t you want to be his left hand?  (No, Amy, that’s only you!)  It’s funny though, because Julianne and I were talking about the fact that he grew up in Modesto, and how he was the biggest thing to come out of that benighted town since George Lucas, and I flashed to that part of Return of the Jedi, where Luke and Han are being flown over the dessert of Tattooine.  Han says, “I can’t see anything!”  Luke says, “There’s nothing to see.  I grew up here you know.”  Hands up for everyone who thinks that’s a comment on Modesto… Yup.  You too!

Anyway– in family news?  We spent ALL WEDNESDAY, from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm at the State Fair.  I tried hard to escape the midway– I’m not a fan– but the kids, who had done damned near EVERYTHING by the end of the night were heartbroken at not going on the ferris wheel, so yeah.  We had to do that.  Anyway– we saw birds and animals and pet them at the zoo and rode ponies (the little kids) and did the bungee cord thing for little kids and slid down the giant slide and played in the wizard’s castle with the giant bubbles and shook hands with a capuchin monkey and lost Chicken with my phone…

Yeah, you heard me right.  Imagine the looks I got when I went into the lost kid kiosk and said, “Yeah, I lost my kid… she’s seventeen and smart and responsible, BUT SHE HAS MY PHONE!” Let’s just say that the two hours wondering where she went was part of the reason we didn’t make it to the midway for more than the ferris wheel, and leave it at that!  But the whole reason we were there was so these two could watch them do dance and gymnastics.  Of course, by the time they got on stage– at around six o’clock–they were both tired and frazzled and the one on the right, in particular looked cooked and pink and done.

But they had an amazing time, which was nice.

I, on the other hand, could NOT seem to stop making classic mistakes– things like forgetting their gymnastics shirts at home and not communicating with Mate which bag he needed to get out of the car and, of course, LOSING CHICKEN–I’m saying.  By the end of the night, the ferris wheel line seemed like its own little circle of hell.  And, to make things worse, Squish had to pee when we were almost at the end of it.  So there I was, wanting nothing more than to ride this ride and go home, and I’m making people go in front of me because I’m waiting for Chicken to get back from the bathroom with her.  *headdesk*  Oh the pain…  And then, when we were up in the air, Chicken and I looked and realized that the ferris wheel where we’d stopped was a bare fifty feet from the exit.  We’d been SO CLOSE TO FREEDOM the entire time.  I think the knowledge made our feet hurt worse.  Anyway, we would have spent all yesterday recovering, but there were dentists appointments and meetings with Sam at the park and grocery shopping.

Maybe we’ll recover today after I go to the gym.

Maybe not:-)

0 thoughts on “Happy Release Day”

  1. Julianne says:

    *high fives* I love that we're sharing a silly obsession. 🙂

  2. I have been craving a funnel cake SO BAD and people are going left and right to fairs and street fairs and eating them or at least seeing them and there is NONE FOR ME!!! Which of course only makes me want one more… *sniff*

  3. roxie says:

    Recovery is over-rated and you know you're never going to take the time for it.

    Hooray the book! Kai the writer! Prosperity and fame be yours.

    A day at the state fair with kids sounds very much like one of the circles of hell. Hmm-there might be a blog topic in that.

  4. Yea, I'd love to hmmmm grab Jeremy in a dark alley. Oh wait, that would be bad.

    Happy release day!!!!

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