Happy Spring

 So, Squish’s B-day party yesterday, and Easter tomorrow.  I am shopped and planned out, and grateful that I only have two places to go tomorrow and one dish to cook.

But it’s been a good spring break– time with Chicken, time for her to be with her siblings, not too much time lazing about and not too much time running around like, well, headless chickens.

Yesterday’s b-day party went well (and we got quite a few pix of the kids all together, which happens NEVER these days!) and we finished it off by going to see Home, which I really loved.  Tonight is all about stuffing Easter baskets (and hoping the dogs don’t eat them!) and we have enough leftover pizza to sustain us for the rest of the day.  All is well.

We dropped Chicken off at the airport an hour ago, and the family is engaging in a Saturday afternoon coma. Everyone with me?  Ahhhhh….

That being said, I’ll chat with y’all again probably on Monday, unless the kids do or say or wear something really adorable.  It’s been known to happen!  So, see you at Kermit Flail, y’all– have a Happy Oestre, Easter, Sunday afternoon…

I’m looking forward to mine!

0 thoughts on “Happy Spring”

  1. ShirleyAnn says:

    Happy Easter Amy and Family!!

  2. Donna Lee says:

    As the alarm went off at 5 AM this morning, I had to ask myself what happened to the weekend. It was spent cooking and decorating and cake baking so we could celebrate an Easter birthday as well.
    I'm already looking forward to a non-eventful weekend next week.

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