Hasn’t it been a while since we had a random meme?

Okay, so I spent the day with my kids, + two–and yes, I borrowed them from the neighbor. Poor baby– everyone send good thoughts to her, she’s having one motherfucker of a pregnancy. She can’t keep shit down, barely gets out of bed–anyway, she’s got a nine year old who was being home schooled, and a two year old with boundless energy, and, well, until we took them out to clean the patio yesterday, they hadn’t really been outside for two months. So today, we took them to the bookstore–left mom with a barf-bowl (Goddess, I only wish I was kidding) and wandered around Borders spending money like water. (Well, we bought Chicken test taking books and Squish some pre-school work books, and that right there is $50, and that didn’t even cover allowance books or treats for the other kids and an Elmo the little boy next door will treasure forever) and…

‘kay. Don’t want to go there. Mate will see the bill soon enough.

Anyway, from there we went to the McDonald’s playground, and that was fun for them too–and then we got home, and the nine year old was cooking, cleaning, and minding the baby for her mom, and I felt… bad. Back to the salt mines for the sweet kids, yanno? I mean, this is going to be over soon, and the kids are very very loved, so I think eventually they won’t be so lonely, but not now.

Anyway, I finished LP Tuesday, spent yesterday doing business stuff, and have written about 2K on a Gambling Men short–not stellar, but not bad either, and I’m in the mood for a playful meme after that–something meaningless and cute. I don’t want to ‘tag’ people–if you do these on your blog, tell me! If you just feel like doing them in the comments, do them in the comments. If you want to laugh at my favorite pajama bottoms, by all means, do!

1. My superpower is:
~~Naming things

2. My cover identity is:
~~The woman who can’t remember her kids’ names

3. The theme song playing when I become a superhero is:
__Linkin Park’s Bleed It Out

4. My favorite pajamas are:
~~The pink ones with the teddy bears on them

5. The songworm I want to inflict on my worst enemy is:
~~ Forget You, by C. LO (Okay–I tried to inflict this on all my friends, but it didn’t take!)

6. The songworm I want to sing with all my friends is:
~~March of the Cambreadth

7. The flowers I want to wake up in a field of are:
~~Babies Breath

8. The animal I want to bear my palanquin is:

9. The sit com I secretly want to watch all the backseasons of is:
~~My Name is Earl

10. The card I’d leave as my identity marker when I’d left a place as a superhero is: (Ace of Spades, Joker, Death if you’re doing Tarot, what?) Seven of Cups

0 thoughts on “Hasn’t it been a while since we had a random meme?”

  1. roxie says:

    Sainthood awaits you, oh ye who loves your neighbor like yourself. And prayers to that poor mom. Wonder if there is an RH negative thing going on? Every RH positive mom I know who carried an RH negative baby was sick as a dog the whole while.

    Now I've gotta go look up those earworms.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    I was so sick when I was pregnant. It took months for it to go away and it never went completely away. Poor baby, indeed.

    I love bookstores. I love the smell as you walk in the door. I'm missing our semiregular Friday nights at Borders.

  3. Louiz says:

    You're a really good friend to your poor neighbour. Sounds like the pregnancy from hell:(

    Not going to click on the soundworms. I have a head where they love to live and never ever go away!

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