Heat & Light

It must be spring!

Seriously– so little going on here, it’s starting to feel unfair to mention the stuff that IS going on because it makes us sound like we have a life.

* The kids are officially on break. Shall the bets start to see if I have any hair left by the end of the week?

* Mate has taken the kids to the park twice in two days–both times either letting me take the big kids somewhere or letting me sleep. I think this is A. Because he’s a really awesome Mate, and B. Because he knows the little kids are driving me batshit.

* Today, while he had them out, he conceded that Squish’s unstoppable chatter almost caused him to wreck the car. I told him I was glad it wasn’t just me.

* I told Elizabeth, my editor, that I was working on something dark and twisty. (Alpha is in editing stages– huzzah!) In response she sent me one of the world’s cutest pictures and asked me if I wanted to write something to it. I guess that’s both a perk and a drawback of being a total whore for good cover art… just when you think you’ve got your queue all lined up, here comes some very sexy characters, just snarking their way into your mind. *happy sigh* I adore Elizabeth… have I mentioned that?

* Mate and I (and Crazy Friend Wendy) went to see Hanna tonight. It was… chilling, as it was supposed to be. It was also a modern retelling of the Grimm’s Brother’s most brutal fairy tales, and Chicken needs to go see it, since she’s been totally captivated by those, and is doing a research paper on them atm.

* Big T went to a fundraising car wash for one of his school clubs today. He came back Big Red. *sigh* Eighteen years old is NOT too old to remind about sunblock– alas, I was not here when he left, or I would have.

* Going to a car show tomorrow. Not sure if that’s a really fun place to go or not, but Mate had tickets, and he was really depressed because no one would go with him I think it will actually be fun– and that I’ll be chasing plotbunnies the entire time:-)

* Did anyone see Supernatural on Friday, with the alternative timeline where they had a Ford Mustang instead of a Chevy Impala? There was a scene when they got out of the car and Mate said (rather ecstatically) “Omigod– did you hear that? It SQUEAKED!” Sure enough, either the sound engineers were really frickin’ awesome, or the traditional Ford Squeak was just that prevalent, but you could hear the car squeak on television. It was sort of cool.

* People are starting to ask me if I have my cards so I can do a reading for them. I say yes–usually because it’s as close to being Cate Blanchett that I will ever be. (I loved the movie The Gift– I just don’t look that great in a night gown reading cards. trust me.)

* And a surprising number of people have cards of their own. Isn’t that cool? Okay. I think it’s cool.

* And next week, I will have my 1001st blog post. I’ll celebrate by A. mailing out the copy of the last prize I gave away (sweetheart–I still have your address! I’ll send it to you electronically as soon as it’s out, and print it out and sign it then too!) and B. Giving away stash AND two copies of the locker room– one electronic and the other paperback, signed.

* And, generally, that’s about all I’ve got. (Except Mate and CFW are back, and, well, they’re talking about sagging testicles. I am not lying about this–but I think it means I need to bail! More about the contest next post!)

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  1. roxie says:

    Oh Chicken – a friend of mine just did a one-woman play based on some Grimm's stories. She called it Mother Grim, Tales of Light and Dark. Lots of folks in the audience didn't realize how dark the old stories were. "Fitcher's Feathered Bird" was about Bluebeard and all the murdered wives, and "The Singing Bird" was about an evil stepmother and how she got her just deserts in the end (crushed under a millstone!) And I remember the real version of cinderella where at the end, the wicked stepmother was put in a barrel driven full of nails and rolled down hill till she was torn to bits, and the two step-sisters, who had each cut off part of their foot to make the shoe fit, were forced to put on red hot iron shoes and dance till they fell down dead. You didn't get off easy in the old stories.

  2. Louiz says:

    OK, total Grim's fan here, what is Hanna based on? Wikipedia failed me searching on the name!

    Also, I have cards. Doesn't everyone? In fact I have more than one set, so I have some for people who don't:)

  3. One would think Big T would know red-heads and long periods in the sun don't mix. (Don't tell me he's not a red-head, the genes are all there.)

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