Hey– who ate the wool carrots?

Or, you know– yarn barf.

So, in random news today…

*  Chicken’s new job is by a movie theater, and it’s $5 Tuesday. In celebration, Mate took the morning off and I took the kids (who have the day off) and we met Chicken to see Newt Scamander.  I adored it–very much.  But it does beg the question– why don’t people ever look at subtext? Seriously–the people other voters have put in power in this country are a LOT like the bad guys in the Harry Potter stories.

Even their rhetoric is the same–their euphemisms, their illogical nationalistic jingoism.

They’re the same bad guys from 1984 and V For Vendetta and  the same bad guys from every movie about WWII and movies about the KKK and…

Why does half the country not see that these are BAD. GUYS? Do they go watch Harry Potter movies and WWII movies and hear people talk about purebloods and muggles and think, “Oh, that J.K. Rowling, she pulled those concepts out of thin air with no basis in reality at all!”

I mean, I think we need to make Harry Potter–all movies including the new one–required viewing, for this reason alone. If we can make a clear case for Donald Trump being Voldemort, maybe we’d hit impeachment that much sooner.

*  And on a less serious note, I am DROWNING in work, but I took the kids to the movies because it’s sort of my motherly duty and Squish had half days ALL LAST WEEK and is going out of her mind with boredom.

So imagine the taste of irony when my stepmom called up and asked if the kids wanted to go see the new Harry Potter movie tonight.


* Also, my cat needs to stop gazing tragically into her own reflection in the sliding glass door. I cannot tell the difference between intense feline introspection and “Dammit, I’ve gotta pee!”

*  And briefly about the picture…

So, I was working on Squish’s sweater when the snarl got pulled out of the rabbit’s mouth. Mate saw it and started laughing and I tried to take a picture around the dog. The dog heard Mate laughing and felt me squirming and took off, getting snarled in my yarn and pulling more yarn barf out of the rabbit’s mouth.

And the rest of us could not stop laughing.

Poor dog.

Lucky rabbit!

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