Hmm… A bit salty…

So… GRL is in 20 days, and you know what? I need to frickin’ plan.

Anyone want to know what’s on my plate?

God– me too.  Shall we list?

* Birthday Week– Mate and I turn 48 next week.

*  Swag ASSEMBLE! Price tag tiny stuffed soccer balls to book cards.

* Tie book cards around the neck of Clopper stuffed dogs.

*  Buy M&M’s and put them in Amy Lane mugs.

*  Buy more paper swag cause what I’ve got now is weak shit

* Clean the kitchen table, cause, ulgh

* Do laundry

* Finish Selfie, cause I have a frickin QUEUE.

* Start the category romance I’m writing for DSP– fun!

* Finish edits on Bound, part 1&2.

*  Moar laundry. And some folding!

* Do I have the clothes I need?

*  Shoot! I have a game I need to map rules for! GodDAMMIT how did that sit so long?

*  Two interviews on my dashboard.

* Uhm… I’m promoting two blogs this month?

*  A character interview for Amber Kell’s B-day celebration– I’m thinking Deacon?

* PLanning a panel for GRL

* Assemble my setting workshop for GRL

* Crap– do I have enough swag?

* Can I order it NOW since I only have 20 days?

* Clean my bathroom, cause DAYUM.

* Squish is in choir and GATE, so I need to revamp the way I pick up and drop off kids.

*  Help Squish with her student council speech and poster

* Make sure ZB gets his English grade up. Frickin’ reading logs!

* Make sure the crack house moving into the abandoned place next door does not kidnap my children. I only wish I was kidding.

* Decorate for Halloween.

* Get kids costumes.

*  Oh crap, I’ve got another edit for Winter Ball.

* RITA awards are when?

*  I’m on a blog tomorrow, aren’t I? I know I must be…

* Happy Birthday Chicken!  (She’s 21.)

*  I absolutely must watch NBC’s The Player. Because Phillip Winchester in his underwear, that’s why. It’s not negotiable, I shit you not.

*  Soccer games every weekend.

*  Dance on Wednesday.

* GATE’S on Wednesday too?

*  Feed the cats!

*  Walk the dogs.

* Aw man– I’ve got another dentist appointment next week!

*  What was that about finishing the book?

* And don’t forget to clean my plate, because there’s veggies on the bottom.

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