Hollow Weenies and Crystal Balls…

OKay, the post has nothing to do with the title, but Roxie told a funny joke, and that was the punch line, and I LIKED it!


I’m tired. Knackered. Destroyed. Explaining the ins and outs of my day would just be confusing, but it’s getting so I’m starting to count the stress of my day in trips. A T/Th goes like this: One trip to get Chicken, one trip to take her to soccer, one trip to take T to karate, one trip to pick Chicken up, one trip to pick T up, one trip to get milk/toilet paper/deodorant/whatever, and so on. Now Mate is a veteran ‘tripper’, and he usually gets a trip or two, and I’ve managed to juggle things so the short people don’t take all those trips–because a trip counts double when they come, just in stress–but today, which should have been a one trip day was actually a two trip day with little people, so that makes it a three trip day with a drop in from my folks in between.

When I was decorating the outside for Halloween.

Now, you may think it funny that I was decorating the outside when the inside was leveled, destroyed, annihilated, obliterated, chaos, destruction, maelstrom, disorder, squalor, just plain old general nastiness, but since I tried to support the flagging economy by a generous purchase of chocolate, I thought it would be a good idea to make it known to children in various states of dress that there would be chocolate inside my abode.

Really, how much of the house do trick-or-treaters see when they knock on the door?

Well, not as much as mom and dad did when we kicked our way through the detritus so they could come in and sit down. No–I am not speaking in hyperbole. For once I wish I was.

Anyway, they enjoyed coming in and seeing the kids in their costumes, and I ran around and cleaned house while they were here (the better to give the illusion that I this is what I was PLANNING to do during this time, when, in fact, I had solid plans of catching a nap in said squalor while Ladybug sat on my lap watching Spongebob) and I gave my mom the Little Vampire’s book to read to the kids so she knew Cave Troll was being a TOTALLY different kind of vampire than the ones in my books, and generally, my folks are nice people, but…

But when they left, my daughter turned around to me and said, “Mom, remind me tomorrow that I need to go out and get a life. They kept asking me what I was doing tonight and why I wasn’t going out with my friends and what I was doing at school and I had nothin’.”

I said, “Honey, you can go out and get a life after your soccer games, the little kid’s gymnastics, Cave Troll’s post-soccer skating party (for which I have recruited crazy auntie Wendy to come skate, since BAD things happen when I try it!) and, of course, we clean the cesspool we live in.”

She said, “I guess I’ll get my life some other time!”

I said, “That’s okay, the odds of cleaning the house were pretty steep anyway.”

And I’d like to say “And then we flopped on the couch in a mutual mother daughter moment of complete sympatico,” But actually, that was when Big T called to say that his movie fundraiser ended early and could I please come pick him up after I cooked dinner and before I took the little kids trick-or-treating, which I did.

Mate came to help with the trick-or-treating, which was nice–he really hasn’t had a lot of experience with that, being the official candy-giver-outer with the older kids, and he enjoyed himself.

I came home and let him give showers and got to work on a hat for the CaveTroll’s soccer coach, and wondered…

When can I finish that gay werewolf story again?

*sigh* Not tonight, my friends, not tonight.

(Note–I’ve written this entire post while hoping a pic of everybody in their holiday finery would eventually download. Mate’s playing WoW, so it ain’t happening–but never fear. If I have to get up at dark-thirty on a Saturday, I WILL get you pictures because, frankly, from the youngest to the oldest, they were ALL hella cute:-)

0 thoughts on “Hollow Weenies and Crystal Balls…”

  1. TinkingBell says:

    We had the kids party last night – and they looked so cute – and came home hyped on sufgar and excitement!

  2. Sounds like a fun time. We had a grand total of four trick or treaters at the house.

    Word verification: perbo (it’s what a math ghost says!)

  3. Galad says:

    Sounds like a good time was had by all! Can’t wait to see the picture. Every time our house has gotten to the state yours is in, I’ve had a fantasy about slipping away in the night and starting over fresh somewhere else. It would be so much more fun than slogging through the mess 🙂

  4. roxie says:

    Chicken, you have a life. Gma and Gpa just don’t have the right questions.

    Rather have a cluttered house and a happy family than an immaculate house and the warfare necessary to keep it that way.

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