Home Improvement

Mate and I suck at it.

So. Bad.

But Squish is long overdue for a room of her own, and we’ve been promising–and this weekend we made some surprising strides.

We’ve also had a few setbacks and just generally, we can’t seem to do anything without meeting up with the absurdity of the world.


* We got Squish’s room mostly painted. This is awesome–she was so proud of her new color. It wasn’t until we got the entire room covered in it that she and Mate noticed that… it was almost exactly the same color as the hallway.

What can I say? The two of us like lavender.

*  We had to load all her stuff into the front room. Then we had to take enough of it down for Mate and I to watch TV. Then we had to put some stuff back in the closet because she had to get to her drawers. Long story short? T hank God for social distancing because our lives might be more chaotic than usual for the next week or so.

*  Mate ordered the flooring for her room a little late–it’s not due until next week. Included in the order was spackle and some plain white paint for the trim. When we realized the flooring wasn’t going to get here, we went to Lowe’s to get the spackle and the plain white paint. It. Was. PACKED. It was packed so full Mate noped out. After over a month of social distancing, the idea of going into a store that was shoulder to shoulder people without masks on freaked us both out–besides the fact that, in Lowe’s, that kind of volume meant he’d be in there for HOURS. We apologized to  Squish–we weren’t going to finish this in a weekend after all.

*  ZoomBoy found this vest. I made it for Squish — in fact I made a couple of them, not just for her–when she was around seven years old. It’s a little old and a little stretched out now, but the colors are in his wheelhouse and… well, let’s just say he had an entirely different vision of this vest than how I’d pictured it when I made it for a chubby little girl.

* Mate has plans to visit Lowe’s tomorrow, super early, when hopefully nobody will be there. *sigh* I hate the hardware store. I hate it so bad. The fact that it now appears to be party central for a COVID outbreak only seems to cement my hatred in stone.

And there you go–home improvement… Seems to me I’m remembering why we haven’t done this in fifteen years…

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