Hot Dogs

So, once I saw that aqua was canceled–so that the instructor might not become a grease spot on the pavement, I think–I hunkered down and tucked in.

I had some stuff I should have done–not gonna lie–but I figured tomorrow is going to be 104, and that’s close to civilized, so we’ll deal with that.

Anyway– oddly enough, for all that I didn’t go work out or run any unnecessary appliances, I did produce one or two things–

* Pulled pork–

I have an Insta-Pot which I love, so it didn’t take nearly as long as it could have.

One bottle of cheap Italian dressing, one LARGE bottle of BBQ sauce, and one jar of chili sauce, dumped in the Insta-Pot with a pork brisket.

Press “Stew” twice– do not let the pressure off, just keep it on warm for a couple of hours.  The meat should fall off the bone.

Put in a bowl with one SMALL bottle of BBQ sauce and half a bottle of yellow mustard. Mix disintegrated pork with sauces, serve on bread.

If you have a crock pot, start WAY ahead of time–like, 24 hours before–and cook the brisket with the sauces on medium or low for 24 hours.  When it starts falling off the bone, mix with the sauces and serve on bread.



*  I researched major league baseball. Did you know, for example, that players spend way too long at the stadium than they need to?  Reminds me when I used to get to school early and leave late.  I finally figured out it didn’t help me do my job any better, it just made me grumpy.

*  I also researched orbs and creepy dolls. On YouTube. Just… don’t ask. Anyway, I found surfer twink here narrating another YouTube video (and Jesus wouldn’t me postmodernism professor have a field day with the art of narrating fake documentaries) and, well… he was adorable. Just adorable.

And I’m still freaked out by the dolls.

You’re welcome:


*  And I did dishes and made the kids vacuum.  Tomorrow should be exciting–it’s NOT 109 degrees, and I may run errands.  This is really exciting for me at this point. I think I should celebrate by a bowl of cold cereal without milk.

*  And FTR, I long for a coffee maker. *sigh*


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