How Many Words?

Okay– so a super short bit today. Paint it Black is getting ready to be finished, and it’s nearly 100K and yes, I know that’s too many words, I don’t know what to tell you.

Also, it needs another sex scene.

Anyway– the following happened today:

Took Johnnie to the vet, where I had to hoist him onto the stainless steel table to get his shots and temperature taken.

“C’mon, you big chicken, you need to get violated and prodded and have some shit blown up your nose.”

Johnnie looked at me with big Chihuahua blueberry-muffin eyes and the vet laughed.

“Gee, and you made it sound like such an awesome deal.”


Went walking with Chicken, and she told me about this event from her world mythology class:

Professor: Do we have any figures that have become legendary in modern times?

Student: Elvis?

Professor: Dumbledore?


So, two weeks ago, Squish came up to me as I was working and gently touched my goddess pendant.

“That’s pretty.”

“It is. Mary gave it to me. She gave me a little cauldron with the trinity symbol on it, but Chicken stole it.”

“You know, I’d like a necklace like that.”

So we found one that was different–pagan, with her birthstone on it–and I put in an order. A week later, a tiny box showed up, but since it was so close to Christmas, it went on the “so close to Christmas” pile, and I didn’t think anything of it.

Until I got a text this morning–from Mary. She wanted to know if I’d gotten my gift from her yet.

“Oh my God– that box was for ME???”

I thought it was pretty funny. And totally her fault, right?

And now I need to check the “so close to C Christmas” pile to make sure Squish’s present got here too!

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