I Am the Walrus?

A. Those shooting pains in  my kneecap were arthritis. I can now say I have it. The stuff that felt like tendonitis in the IT band was tendonitis in the IT band. *bows* You’re welcome.

B. When asked if I used the nighttime pain relief I was prescribed yesterday, I replied, “No, because going to bed dizzy and disoriented is my favorite.”  The PT laughed–and proceeded to give me some very good advice on how to avoid pain, if possible. Yay!

C. We drove to San Francisco tonight to have dinner with Mate’s Aunt Margie and her delightful friends. Huzzah!

D. The Fairmont hotel in San Francisco is REALLY NICE.

E. The kids enjoyed ordering from the three course menu. But Squish was sorry she let dad talk her out of ACTUAL MUSSELS arriving at her table.

F. Zoomboy was proud to lead us all in a rousing rendition of Happy Anniversary to You!  It was Tom and Margie’s 50th. They were very, very sweet.

G. Listening to the piano player was a trip. I heard a classical rendition of “I Am the Walrus”, “Girl”, “Crazy”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Yellow Submarine”, and “Peanuts”.  Zoomboy and I danced to “Peanuts”.

H. I’d like to thank Mary Taylor from FB who shared with me the perfect meme for yesterday’s post–it featured a lightning strike, a burning building, and the caption, “Thank you, Jesus, that spider is dead now.”  Yes. Whatever it takes. The spider needs to be dead.

I. Between PT in the morning and San Francisco at night? Color me done, folks! Chat with you Saturday!


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