“I ate a bug.”

So, again, not much to report. Dog’s gonna live– but we’ve cut way back on the treats for both of them. Poor little goobers are very puzzled–but we’re feeding them bland wet food as a substitute and they seem to like that very much.

Tomorrow we’re painting Squish’s room–it’s gonna be a big day of activity, and, also, something we can do from home! Win! Squish has been teaching herself to embroider things–her first sampler had a dirty word in it, and I figure there are worst things to aspire to than Dame Judy Dench.

And seriously–there is so little to report–I’m sure, like most of you,  except those who are still on the front lines and who are crazy busy!

I can tell you that I’m doing a reading about once a week on my FB group, Amy Lane Anonymous–it’s not professional grade by any means, but I think people are enjoying it as a way to pass the time. I have a poll the day before to pick the book the reading comes from, so, if you’re on FB, come on by!

And this is going to be a super short blog post! Mostly I’m just waving to say I’m alive! But I do have a small adventure to share–

Mate and I were watching television when we heard the following:

Thump! Thump! Crash! Meow!

“Augh! Stop it! No! Oh my God! Gross! Eeeeeeek!!!!”

“Squish!” we called. “Squish! Are you okay!”

She came running out of her room looking HORRIFIED–I was thinking snakes coming out of the plumbing or a giant rat or something.


“Is that all–“


And at this point Nebula came prancing down the hall, shaking his head in full frolic. He ran past her, brushing against her ankles, purring and meowing and then ran into the kitchen, where he met up with Dewey and did the cat equivalent of a high five. We could practically hear him: “Did you see the size of that bug? It was DELICIOUS!”

“He’s so proud of himself!” I said.

“Well of course,” Squish said. “It was a really big bug. He’s a mighty hunter. BUT IT WAS SO GROSS!!!”

Cats. 40 pounds of crazy in 10 pounds of fur.

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