I bet my feet were twitching..

Sorry I missed last night, folks!

It’s funny, how I keep thinking, “Oh, hey– I’ve got sort of a light load– I’ll be able to accomplish so very much!”  
And then my world goes kersplodey and I remember when I used to think I was busy.  
Anyway– yesterday was a lovely rainy Sunday, and you’d think I’d hang out and read and catch up on my Supernatural and finish the damned family of socks, right?
But I’d promised my husband a date night for weeks, and it was time to pony up, and my kids had a birthday party to go to, and on Sunday morning my stepmom called up and asked if I wanted to come over for dinner, and we owed our friend Wendy and her husband a movie and…
Okay, so the kids made the birthday party at Leatherby’s– but Mate had to drop them off while I got the present.  (I missed the after party, where there would be horror movies and gossip with my friend Berry Jello… *sigh*)  Afterwards we took the kids to my parents, met Wendy and Chris for dinner, saw SPECTRE, got the kids and came home.
And I turned on the computer and started to work, because hey– edits, blog, NANO, doesn’t go away, right?
And there I was, chipping away on edits/blog/NANO when Mate woke up.  He does this sometime– his arm falls asleep and he wanders the house, dizzy and disoriented and trying to place what happened.  If I’m in bed with him, I can calm him down before he even gets out of bed. If I’m not, well, wandering, strange noises (he makes this Homer Simpson “Woo! Woo! Woo!” in his sleep that freaks me the fuck out!) ensue.
So he wandered, and I went to lay down with him.
And woke up two hours later still in my sweatshirt and bra still on thinking, “Qua da fuq?”
I went to bed for real– after turning off the computer and making sure the doors were locked–only to be jerked out of a sound sleep two hours later, because someone had locked the cat in Squish’s bedroom.
I woke up this morning with no NANO and no blog thinking, once again, “Qua da fuq?”
So no– I don’t know what happened. My usual discipline deserted me and I went to bed at 11:45. I got nothin’. 
But these nice pictures of the kids at Berry Jello’s daughter’s birthday party.  It really was a lot of fun!

 Also– and I’ll post this again tomorrow!

Bound: Volume 1, the Third Book of the Little Goddess series goes on sale tomorrow.  I love the new cover concept so much– he’s so very Green!  (Except his eyes– it was hard to get across that they really DID need to be, uh, Green.)

Part two goes on sale in December 🙂

And wait until you see the other covers!  EEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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