I cannot brain today…

I have the dumbzzzzzzzz….

So, working on Quickening. I shall reach the 200K mark tonight, and probably pass it by.  I MUST finish by May 1st, because all hell will break loose on my desktop then and I need to be done.

Sleep is… not a priority.

It is beginning to show.

This morning I went out to the car and called my husband:

Me: Hey. Bad news.

Mate:  Hit me!

Me: You know how they said we’re not supposed to be able to lock our keys in our car?

Mate: Yes?

Me: They lied.

Mate: I’m sorry, I did that.

Me: This is still bad news.

Mate:  I’ll be right there.  Do you want me to take the kids to school?

Me: *rather pathetically*  Could you bring me coffee too?

Mate: No.

Me: *sob*

~~~  So, he DID bring me coffee.  And he brought the kids to school.  (Damn Lane kids– you think they’d do this during STAR test on purpose!) And then he left, with the gentle admonition for me to get some sleep.

And here I am, in front of the computer, trying to get in that one…



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sleep, gosh darn it, woman. You *know* the words will frolic and gambol with more abandon if you do. Then I get another book to buy. Er… don't tell the bank manager, OK?

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