I did not blog tonight because…

A. Squish had a choir performance.  She was lovely–and I’m pretty sure she sang the loudest of anyone there.

B. I had a hat to finish. Which I did. It’s really large and DAMN me for making gauge assumptions. I knit REALLY LOOSE to accommodate the way Fair Isle tends to schwack your knitting in together, and the result is a hat that can fit me (or would if I wasn’t a large woman with a freakish amount of hair.) However, I am (oh please please please…) running it through a warm rinse cycle before blocking, and even though it’s super wash wool, I’m hoping it will have the same effect as “whopping”.  (I had never heard of this, but then I read an essay in which a guy’s wife “whopped” his blocking sweater with a spoon, and apparently it helped the stitches magically align like stars.  Magic–I hope–without the spoon.)  Anyway– with a teeny bit of luck, it will be mostly dry by tomorrow, and since drying wool doesn’t lose any heat, ZB will be able to wear it. Or I’ll lose my fucking senses and throw it into the dryer because I have NO PATIENCE especially when I want him to be able  to wear the one thing I made him in forever.

Anyway– in case it falls apart to become really expensive time consuming lint, here are my pictures.

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  1. Unknown says:

    ZB, you are a lucky fella!! (Great job with the hat, Amy!) Squish, you were superb kiddo! I think hugs are earned all around!

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