I didn’t get a picture…

Which is part of the reason I came unglued when I dropped Zoomboy and Squish off to school this morning.

We spent all weekend getting Zoomboy ready for his trip to Yosemite– new long underwear, new wool socks, dad’s old coat, old sleeping bag, old pillow, new alpaca hat made by mom at the last minute because she couldn’t stand to think of her little boy out in the woods with strangers and bears and nothing from mama.

And I’ve sent my kids on trips before with their grandparents and such, but I was in the drop off queue for school and ZB got out and gave me a kiss and wrestled his backpack and pillow out of the car…

And was gone.

And I didn’t get a picture or a big full hug and…

And I sobbed all the way back home.

Because I’m a weenie.

And I miss my kid already.

And it was a really nice fuckin’ hat.  (You can see Mate modeling it last night.  Does he look tired? We were both tired– got that kid ready for Yosemite like BOSSES oh yes we did.)

0 thoughts on “I didn’t get a picture…”

  1. Unknown says:

    Not a weenie. I left Nugget with my parents for three days last month, and not only did I cry for an hour in the car as we drove away, I'd also cried the night before thinking about driving away.
    It's a mom thing.

  2. Unknown says:

    Awww. I'm sorry. Don't you hate that? I've gotten so used to technology that life sometimes surprises me when I can't rewind or pause and it hits me that I can't get that moment back no matter what. (And that's Mate? He's cute! Just my type. *fistbump*)

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