I Don’t Know What to Write

I took a nap, should I write about that?
I read my own stuff– was it enough?
(Well, more like an edit–I can still say I read it!)
And I never feel more like shite than when I don’t know what to write!

I played with the dog, but my brain’s still in a fog!
I talked to the kids– wanna know what they did?
(You don’t want a view– of that I’ll warn you!)
And for a writer it really bites when you don’t know what to write!

My car A/C is still broke– should I start on that note?
The kitchen’s still thrashed– but so it’s been in the past.
To softball Mate’s gone– but you all know that song!
The world is never, ever right, when I don’t know what to write!

I joked with some friends– but that came to an end.
I went to the gym– and then went for a swim!
(And hence the nap, but we talked about that!)
And the world is always more gray than bright when I don’t know what to write!

The stuff on TV–that we’ve already seen.
I’d watch it and knit–but no time to sit!
I’d talk about swag– but that’s sort of a drag
(Besides I’m excited, and I don’t want to brag!)
And my blog is never really tight when I don’t know what to write!

I’ve been some places, I think– I can remember to link!
(But that’s really more prose– when I link to those.)
And I thought a lot–but I’m on the spot
And I never feel all that bright when I don’t know what to write!

The house is quiet–no happy riot
The cat’s asleep– so peace he’ll keep
The dog’s a nut– but I’m in a rut!
So what do I write on this boring right?
Not spouse, not kids, not life, not pet are giving me inspiration yet!


For what to write, I must go to the ‘Net!

*laughs quietly to self*

Okay– now that I’ve got that out of my system (and have perused the internet for writer’s memes for the last ten minutes) I think I’ve gotten rid of my little bout of writer’s block.  (This goes to one of my favorite truisms, which is the surest way to get over writer’s block is to write, even if it’s crap.  Eventually, once you get the wheels turning and the rust starts to flake off, you’ll be writing like you sort of know what you’re doing.)

Anyway– oh yes!  Where was I?

HERE!  Oh yes I was, I was right there at Joyfully Jay’s, giving away books!  (I think I still am!)

Also– on Sunday, September 15th, I’ll be HERE chatting from 1 p.m. (EST) to 3 p.m.  about Bitter Moon 1– Triane’s Son Rising, which is being (re) released from Dreamspinner’s Young Adult imprint, Harmony Ink!  (If you haven’t, go to my website, and see the slideshow of the amazing covers that have been made for this series.  I’m about thrilled to the bone for these, even if the editing is sort of killing me.  Maybe that’s what my next post will be about.)

So there you go!  Maybe I do know what to write after all 🙂

0 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What to Write”

  1. Unknown says:

    For not knowing what to write you filled in your blog nicely! And you also managed a rhyme or two. 🙂

  2. Unknown says:

    For not knowing what to write you filled in your blog nicely! And you also managed a rhyme or two. 🙂

  3. Donna Lee says:

    I like that last one "unsung gods…". Robert Heinlein wrote a book called The Number of the Beast about how every time a book is written it literally creates a new world that exists in reality. It was wonderfull and stoked the imagination (what if it were true?)

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