I feel happy… I want to go for a walk!

(I was going to do “I’m not dead yet” but apparently I’ve done that one before…)

Anyway, this week I:

* Went back to work and saw students

* Took kids to soccer practice with Mate, twice

* Took T to fail his driver’s permit exam

* Took T to look smashing for his Senior Portraits

* Took the little kids to the pool (today)

* Fielded an insane kitten on my head for three out of five mornings

* Got up at five a.m. to write every morning (apparently freaking out the spouse who did not know that I did that!)

* Faxed my contract for “Guarding the Vampire’s Ghost” (which as you might guess, was harder than it seems!)

* Started knitting a hat for a student during staff meetings and lunch. (Yes. I still knit. Why?)

* Wrote a Jack & Teague mini that I posted on Goodreads.com

* Engaged in marital relations on more than one occasion (which normally I wouldn’t mention, but when you put it together with the getting up at five in the morning is something I’m sort of proud of.)

* Went shopping for candy for my students (see above for why this was special.)

* Actually cooked dinner on more than one occasion (see above for why this was special.)

* Read to my kids (see above for why this was special.)

* Wrote about 3K on the Christmas short I’m working on (see above for why this was special.)

* Offended my coworkers (see previous post for how this happened and why I’m not shocked.)

* Didn’t kill anybody. (See above for why this was special.)

Tomorrow is our last weekend before soccer games begin.

I’m looking forward to this with a masochistic, stoned-from-lack-of-sleep sort of way. La–off to fall deeply asleep in front of bad television. Can’t wait!

0 thoughts on “I feel happy… I want to go for a walk!”

  1. Chris says:

    I feel exhausted just reading about your week! Don't burn yourself out with the insane pace, 'k?!

  2. roxie says:

    You realize you can not maintain this mad pace? You are not only burning your candle at both ends, you are taking a blowtorch to the center. On the other hand, when you collapse in exhaustion, you will not need to face your offended comrades, and the little ones can cuddle with you at will. As long as you stay collapsed, Steve will be happy, too. People make great cat furniture.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Amy

    where is the Jack and Teague Mini??


  4. Galad says:

    I'm exhausted reading your list too! On the other hand – you aren't going to be bored any time soon!

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