I haven’t gotten to swim in the ocean yet…

But it’s coming.  
We went to Waikiki, visited with my friend Mary and her lovely, amazing, warm and generous family. We saw Diamond Head, Sandy Beach, and shopped in the International Market at Waikiki.  We visited the Arizona memorial where we had our hearts broken, and then the mall where Squish had her mind blown by a store devoted to Hello Kitty and all things pink.  
We at sushi from conveyor belts, and even Zoomboy wanted some.
We arrived in Kauai this morning, and rode that terrifying road.  Tomorrow, we’ll venture very early to Turtle Beach.  
I WILL swim in the ocean at Kauai.  I will.  It’s so beautiful, maybe some of that will seep into my soul.  Here’s hoping.  
We’re having a lovely time.  May everyone else’s summer be just as lovely.  We bought a Hawaiian skirt for Squish at the International Market– she knew she was the loveliest wahine on the island.  People told her so.  
That alone was worth the trip.  

0 thoughts on “I haven’t gotten to swim in the ocean yet…”

  1. Swimming in the ocean will be tons of fun. Enjoy it for me also!

  2. roxie says:

    Squish IS the loveliest Wahini on the island! Isn't the International Marketplace a sensory overload? Woohoo!

    Swim in the ocean. Bask in the shade. Eat a mango for me. Aloha, baby!

  3. Liam Grey says:

    Sounds like you're having a great time. When I went in 2009, we didn't spend any time on Oahu other than to change planes. The Pearl Harbor memorial is definitely on my to-do list for the next trip.

    Enjoy! And remember the sun screen!

  4. Galad says:

    Looks like a wonderful trip thus far. Squish is lovely and looks to be in her glory.

    Great pictures!

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