I may survive…

Oi, yesterday was long.

But one of those magic things happened in the plane–I used the plane wifi for a couple of hours before my phone got to about half-charge, and then I stuck to Kindle, and in that time, we switched to  CMT.

So, little beknownst to ME, the time  on my phone was only an an hour behind PST–not three.

Which meant, there I was, going, “Crap. An hour and a half. I’ve got an hour and a half. Dammit.” And RIGHT then, the captain said, “Folks, we’re forty-five miles from Sacramento.”

I almost cried.

Yes–I know, usually this whole fingertip relationship I have with time can be sort of a pain in the ass, but you gotta admit, that moment was more blessing than curse.

Anyway–Mate, kids, dogs, cats, all are where I left them.

The workload, of course, has gotten HUMONGULOUS. But I can deal.

Oh, baby–I’m HOME.


And for those folks who have written me to say thank you for persevering to put out Quickeing–thank you for hanging in there!

Oh– and Quickening Volume 2 is out June 13th 🙂

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