I <3 My IPOD

Oh i-Pod, dear i-Pod
Compact magic box
How can I compare thee
You’re as good as socks!
You read my mind truly
You seem to know when
I need to rock out
Or to chill and zen
Your programming is genius
And genius it knows
Which songs play with which ones
And where they all go

Oh i-Pod, dear i-Pod
Your taste is divine
Yeah, there’s some kid’s songs in there
But most of it’s mine.
You play Sheryl and Coldplay,
Springsteen and U2
When the radio won’t play it
On you it sounds new!
You come with me on walks
When I’m alone in the car
My electronic reminder
Of how lucky we are.

We have glorious storytellers
With magical minds
Singing stories in key
Great ballads in rhyme
We have brilliant court jesters
Who know more than our kings
Who feel life deeply
And know the joy that life brings
We have haunting acousticals
And pure emotion that rocks
And all of it’s squashed
Into this one little box.

Oh i-Pod, my i-Pod
I lament my plight
On the whim of a monster
One day you just might
Part ways with my company
The thought, it just chills.
The indifference to honor
That would take you–it kills!
So our time now is precious
And I’ll hold you so tight
If someone wants to steal you
They’re in for a fight
Your loss to me, i-Pod
Would be oh-so-tragical
Cause your presence, beloved
Is nothing but magical.

*happy grin* Can you tell I need my music? Just a little? Now excuse me while I toddle off to knit an i-Pod cozy… poor baby’s getting all these nasty nicks in his casing. That’s no way to treat a magic box!

(I may not post anymore teasers for a while, but I WILL be writing a Jack & Teague short/short in the next month, and I’ll let you know when that goes up on the website!)

0 thoughts on “I <3 My IPOD”

  1. TinkingBell says:

    So cool to have music wherever we go. isn’t it?

    I love walking with mine – except I tend to sing along wioth it, and we all know how that sounds!

  2. Galad says:

    I love mine too. How did we ever live without our handy dandy portable music machines?

  3. Tanner says:

    I love the little portomusic things as well. I'm not sure how much music mine holds, but everytime I find a song I can't bare to be away from, it gets stuck in there. The last addition was Twilight Time by the Platters. What are some of the songs you have on yours?

    Enjoy playing with Jack & Teaque's shorts. Come to think of it, I hope they enjoy it as well.

    (the elf)

  4. I’ve always had a walkman since 82. The thing that really amazes me is the size has decreased almost 100%. While the amount of music that can be crammed on them as increased.

  5. roxie says:

    Giggle, giggle! You so smaht!

    For twelve years, I had a car that didn’t even have a radio. I sang to myself. Still do sometimes.

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