I’d like to hear less about me…

But I can’t. I agreed to do an interview for The Indie Times (link to follow when the interview comes out) but through a series of computer mishaps (not mine, for once) I ended up getting three pages of interview questions this afternoon, and having the option of returning them tonight so the interview’s release will coincide with the release of Keeping Promise Rock.


So this is my blog post for tonight–with a brief interruption to tell you that Squishy Belle is making this process and Zoomboy’s homework process by singing “All The Single Ladies” in the living room at the top of her voice.

It’s cute, but I think it’s making my eyeballs bleed.

0 thoughts on “I’d like to hear less about me…”

  1. Julie says:

    It's always all about you. It's your life. My life is always all about me. That's how it works. Occasionally someone lifts their head and looks around, but usually, it's all about you. And that's okay.


  2. Julie says:

    PS: There's an awesome quote from the movie "Beaches" that I've never had a chance to use properly in conversation. Bette Midler's character says it.

    "Okay. That's enough about me. So. What do you think of me?"

  3. Three pages of interview questions? Are they single spaced?

  4. Donna Lee says:

    Ha, I remember that quote and Ms Midler said it perfectly.

    It IS about you. One day the kids will move out and you'll realize it's always been about you. Parents are programmed (ok, good parents are programmed)to put the kids first but then the day comes when life reminds us that we are really the center of our universe.

    Go you!

  5. roxie says:

    Of course it's about you. That's why I tune in. I LIKE you!

    Interview? Oh, babe, you've MADE it! SQUEEE!!!

    ("If you want it then you shoulda puta ring on it.")

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