I’m Dorying Hard!

No thread holding this one together– it’s all random, and welcome to the brain-party, pal!

*  Mate had a fundraiser today for his soccer team.  We spent two hours sitting outside of Pinkberry yoghurt saying, “Here– give them this flyer at the counter and they’ll give us money.”  Most folks were really cool about it, but some folks looked at us like we were trying to pull a scam.  *shakes head*  But it helped that there was a Scorpions banner inside the store, looking very official and all.  We actually joined Mate after Squish’s practice– he was there for two hours without us.  Why would we do this, you may ask?  Because it’s the closest thing to private time we’ve gotten all week.

*  I shipped my packages to GRL today.  I think they’ll get there too early.  I’m losing my nut about this, actually.

*  Zoomboy and I angsted at each other today.  “Mommmm… why can’t you get me Halloween stuff tomorrow!”

“Zoomboy I have to go shopping and get your meds and get groceries and get, uhm, female things–“

“Well what about the next day?”

“I have to go to soccer tournaments and get dinner and do laundry and–

“Well what about Sunday!”

“You have soccer tournaments and there’s laundry and packing and printing stuff out and…”

Well when can we do it?”

“JEBUS, Zoomboy!  We’ve got three weeks!”

Mate watched all of this with bemusement.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”  I snapped.

“Yeah, it’s even more fun when you two and Big T are in the same room.”

“Just remember,” I snarled, “I am the communicator.”

He nodded.  “Pretty sad, really.”

Yeah– not all sweetness and light here.

*  Speaking of which… Mate found a giant moth carcass outside the front door.  He was so cute.  He brought it inside and set it on the table.  “Here– show the kids– they’ll like it!”

I did, cause it was sort of cool, and the kids crapped their pants.

“MOOOOMMMMM!!! What, did Dad suddenly become the CAT?  Get it out get it out get it out get it out get it out!”

*shakes head*  I can’t believe they’re the same kids who captured lizards and chased pigeons.  Wow. Adolescence and too much perfume is just a heartbeat away.

*  I have, today, no fewer than three times, jerked upright and screamed into an empty house, “HOLY FUCK, I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT THAT!”  Uhm, it’s just gonna get worse until Tuesday.

*  The Bells of Times Square is available for pre-sale on amazon.com.  Apparently you can get the paperback now (I’m not sure if anyone knows this.)

I heard this song today that totally reminded me of this book– except… well, instead of Willie, it was Walter.  *sob*  (I must have been close.  I sent it to Mary and she said mean things back.)

*  Is anyone else as mad at Oliver Queen as I am?

*  Today I blogged here and here.  (One of those is for Queer  Romance Month– there’s some great essays there, you’ll enjoy them.  The first one is my Amy’s Lane post for Green’s Hill.)

*  And today is it.  Beneath the Stain, Part 7 is finally out.  Those of you who have been waiting until you could get the whole thing, hie thee hither to Dreamspinner Press, because the serial packages with the bonus materials GO AWAY as of next Friday.  All gone.  Bye bye.  Not available when the thing goes.  But it’s going to be out on amazon.com next week, and on ARe too, for those who have been waiting.  I’m excited to see it go mainstream, but I’m also sort of sad.

We had a real sweet little reading group going on FB– small enough to be intimate, big enough to be a fantastic party, and yeah.  I’m gonna miss that.  You’ll recognize the FB people– they’ll all have bags under their eyes from staying up too late tonight and crying.  Hey– in the last 24 hours I’ve gotten a picture of tears on someone’s pillow (it was sopping) and was told that for the first time someone knew what it was to cry until they threw up.  

Yeah.  I think it’s that painful.

Can’t wait to read it, right?

And my next blog will be Sunday– let’s see if I survive two days of soccer tournament while prepping for GRL while editing Vulnerable while finishing The Deep of the Sound.  

Yup.  Let’s just see!

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  1. PattiAnnie says:

    OMG, bless you! I'm so tired from reading that, I may go back to bed! Stay cool, calm and Dory on! You rock! Hugs.

  2. Lisa says:

    I absolutely loved Beneath the Stain. Amy, only you can have me crying my eyes out one minute then laughing my head off reading that last scene of the bonus extra. So good. 🙂 I hope people realize how special those bonus scenes are. Buy the serial package, people! Don't miss out on this greatness. 🙂

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