I’m Writing

Oh God the laundry… I can get to it… but my characters… but I’m writing.

The kids are talking in the car and I don’t hear them.

I’m writing.

That e-mail is pretty important… that newsletter… that blog post…

I’m writing.

But shouldn’t you be planning dinner? Christmas? Oh my God, have you even thought of shopping?

I”m writing.

Mom! Are you coming to pick me up???

On my way! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

I’m writing!

Oh, there’s that edit I’ve been talking about…I’m on it… I’m reading it… wait–I forgot that part where my people do–

Oh Jesus, am I writing again?

I’m writing.

And even when I’m not at my keyboard…

On my walk,

In the car,

Doing dishes,

Cooking dinner…

I’m writing.

They’re in my head–they have more to say–can’t you hear them?

Can’t you see?

They’re fighting and fucking and fooling around and they’re just so real–

Here… Let me show you.

I’m writing.

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