In The History of Minutiae…


So, I’m tired–it’s Wednesday, and our week is about to get REALLY hectic with recital, and, *yawn*.  So I had this Berkley Breathed cartoon I wanted to talk about, and then I searched for it, and then I searched for something else, and then I thought, gee… I wonder what my browser history looks like… and then I realized I had no idea how to find that (and no, good meaning people, you don’t need to tell me HOW to find it–I found the button to CLEAR it which is just as good.)

But I wondered what I’d find in my browser history if I looked from today..and sort of filled it in by memory–

Heh heh… Well, it’s probably a little bit edited for humorous purposes.

And I spend WAY too much time on Twitter–

Ready? Begin–

* * *

Gay erotica  (Pretty sure you’re not surprised.)









Fingering–Images–fingering weight  (oops! Good thing I’m not easily shocked by that last one)–bulky weight

Timothy Bottoms (The Paper Chase was on, but, uh, in context, that doesn’t look very good does it?)

Corbin Fisher (Okay–that was on purpose)

Upworthy--From Twitter, a long political thing that made my eyes glaze over

Did anybody explain the “convfefe” tweet?

Can Al Franken run for president?

Who owns the RiverCats?

Bloom County

New Bloom County

Bill Waterston

Fox Trot


The Oatmeal

We Rate Dogs


Does Buzzed have pictures of adorable baby goats too?

Animals in general?

Ooh… Possum sock yarn!

Mm… cashmere sock yarn

Qiviut sock yarn!

Storage containers


Natural bug repellent qualities of potpourri

Housecleaning services

*sigh* How’s my book doing again?  

Not that good... organizational tips!


Oh shit.


I should have been writing for an hour and a half!

Oh– what was I writing about again?  Johnnies.

Bobby is a carpenter.

How long does it take to heal from a puncture wound?

Ew. Gross. Pictures. *sigh* 



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