In the Neighborhood

Quick one tonight–I’m on a roll.

So, I was walking my dogs (shocked, we are, Amy–because you do this six days a week) and on the approach side of the giant, mile-long loop, there was a GINORMOUS HOUND. Like an English Mastiff or a pit bull or something that was taller than his person when he stood on his hind legs.

He wanted to eat Geoffie.

He did.

Geoffie wanted to be eaten–or at least that’s what I got from the way she didn’t stop barking.

So I took the dogs on a different loop approach as it were–out past the park, into the residential sector around the park, and there I met a woman with two dogs.

She knew me from aqua! Which was fun, and we compared dogs, and it was funny because I’ve always been sort of blown away by how different Johnnie and Geoffie are, when they are, in fact, both  Chihuahua crosses– Johnnie crossed with mini-pin, and Geoffie crossed with ShiTzu. Well, this woman’s dogs were both crossed as well–they were doxie crosses, and one was crossed with Yorkie, and was sort of skinny and wispy and nervous looking and the other was crossed with Australian shepherd and was BEAUTIFUL black and gray mottled and long-haired and long bodied.

So it was a nice conversation and then we left saying, “See you in aqua!”

And we waved in aqua.

And then… well, today was the day I chose to tell Trina, the aqua instructor, that I put her in the next Johnnies book.

Trina is very cool about what I write, and pretty cool about most things, so when I told her she was in a book with porn stars, she wanted to know if SHE could be one, and I was like, “No. I’m not giving you a porn scene–but I do need some cosmetic moves so the guys look ripped.”  So I got to hear about “preacher curls” and “squat thrusts” which was great, but the rest of the pool got to hear what I wrote.

The woman with the two dogs was taken aback, which is too bad, because I’d enjoyed our conversation and Geoffie appeared to be civilized when talking to her dogs, and Geoffie NEEDS to learn manners, or, yes, one day she will incite the wrong ginormous fuckin’ dog and get eaten.

Anyway– I told Trina I’d let her see some of my book covers, so I’m going to plaster them all over this post and tag her on FB so she can see what my covers look like. And hopefully the nice woman with the two dogs will see too, and I won’t have to worry about her hustling the dogs in the opposite direction when we meet 😀

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  1. farmwifetwo says:

    People shock too easily . If they only knew what I have stored on my Kindle and kobo apps.

    I ended up with teens that read a lot during the babysitter years. All liked romance . All were reading above their age. Unbeknownst to their Mothers I introduced them to more appropriate but not childish books and increased the age over the years.

    Never told on them. Everyone needs someone to trust.

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