In which I attend my own snoozefest…

Honestly, there’s nothing to report.


I’m almost done editing Vulnerable. Huzzah! It hasn’t taken very long… I mean, SERIOUSLY–with the exception of the novellas I’ve been writing, it’s the shortest full length piece I’ve written. I mean… DAMN.

My internet was dead for much of today… sort of a bummer, since, not only was I home with Squish on vacation, but she was sick too. I actually had PERMISSION to go to the yarn store in Rocklin today (I’m hunting and killing an elusive color combo… if anyone knows the whereabouts of cobalt blue/orange sock yarn, do let me know. Be vewy vewy qwiet… I’m hunting fibew…) and I didn’t. She just felt like such immense carp… poor little booger snot.

That hasn’t kept her from charming the socks (snicker… I just finished a pair of Red-Heart socks for her in Tequila Sunrise… she loves them… wears them all over the house, no shoes–which is why they’re done in Red-Heart and not, say, Cherry Tree Hill or Kureyon…) off of anyone we pass. Yesterday it was the guy wearing most of his clothes while driving around a rather dodgy looking bus stop in his little electric trolley. She smiled at him through the open car window and said “Hi!” He looked surprised and then waved at her, smiling a rather toothless smile. I gaped at him, not realizing that my kid was going to try to establish a lifelong connection with a disenfranchised member of the bus stop population through the front seat open window of the crapmobile, and then smiled when I saw how charmed he was.

We drove away and she hummed to herself. “See, mom! Everybody loves me!”

*gurgle* Yeah, sweetie. Everybody does.

I’ve read a book cover-to-cover– Patricia Briggs ‘Silver Borne’- I love Briggs. She can kick the ass out of the pacing slugs, that is for damned sure–her books just ROAR by… love her. L.O.V.E.

I’ve eaten enough chocolate to sink the ass of an anorexic supermodel. Sigh. I need to get it off the fucking kitchen table while I write, that’s what I’ve got to do… simple in theory, but more complex in execution. There’s not another place in the house to put it, more’s the pity.

I’ve caught up on some television. If Squish hadn’t felt like crap for the last two days, I might even have folded clothes–but she felt like crap, and I was doomed to life as a barcalounger. Worse ways to spend a day? Yes. More productive? Well, that too…

Oh–wait. I have done something good today. I took the dog for a drive.

See, the thing is, the dog is content to be an ottoman for most of the year, but every now and then she remembers her vet’s visits with great fondness and starts asking to leave the house. Two weeks ago, she just ran out to investigate life– all I had to do was open the car door and she came back, looking for a ride. I took her around the block.

Today, two days after her vet’s visit, she heard the lead rattle as I walked by it, and stood up, looking all excited. I put her on it and took her in the car to pick Chicken and Zoomboy up from school. They were so excited to see her–and she got to go somewhere. It was really a good moment, considering the dog and I haven’t spoken for a while. About four years ago I kept trying to take her walking and she kept giving herself kennel cough because she’s retarded. I decided you can’t cure self-inflicted-retarded-dog syndrome, and she’s been left on the mercy of other people in the family for walks ever since.

So today was special for her–and I might do it again. After all… dogs drool. All the fucking time. And it’s not like my car is all that special inside anyway. It’s almost like an improvement, right?

And… that’s it. Life in the snail-trail…

*happy sigh* Isn’t it WONDERFUL?

ETA– Oh yeah– I may have forgotten to mention this. You all know that Making Promises is due out in June, and Curious is due out on April 26th. But sometime this summer (and that’s the most specific date I’ve got) two short stories that are sequels to the stories in Curious will be out as well. (Their titles are Gambling Men: Raising The Stakes and Phonebook– I’ll send you links when they hit the DSP website.) Also, (and there is no guarantees for this one, but I love this story and I wrote it expressly for DSP and it has nothing to do with the Cory-Verse even though it’s fantasy) I submitted my Beauty and the Beast story to DSP as well. I changed the name to ‘Truth in the Dark’–and I’m very proud.

So, lots to chat about in the writing front–I just didn’t want to blather on about it!

0 thoughts on “In which I attend my own snoozefest…”

  1. Chris says:

    You = Busy! Is the chocolate gone yet?

  2. roxie says:

    Snoozefest? You pack more news into your snooze fest than most folks do in a busy weekend. Hope the little booger snot gets better soon! And hooray, hooray for all the writing stuff!

  3. NeedleTart says:

    Put the chocolate in the veggie drawer in the fridge. That's where mine is.
    PS posted

  4. Galad says:

    Roxie's right – you've just adapted to a schedule most people would consider hectic. Snoozefest – not really!

    Sitting next to me on the arm of the couch is Patricia Briggs Silver Borne. Guess what I'll be doing today 🙂 Unfortunately also read Flirt, Laurell K. Hamilton's new story. Thank goodness I borrowed it from the library. I haven't bought anything of hers for years for that very reason. Oh well.

    Have a wonderful weekend with kids, dog, knitting and any stray chocolate.

  5. DecRainK says:

    sounds like you've had a wonderful and relaxing time of it :0)

  6. Sometimes nothing is okay.

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