Is it a magic? Is it red? Is it eight?

So Squishy had a birthday on Thursday– she is eight.
She is beautiful.
I cannot even put voice to what an awesome kid she is. 
She asked for books– and was thrilled to get Judy Moody books.  She asked for clothes, and everybody got her clothes in these colors.
They are her best colors.
They are peach like her hair and sunshine yellow like her smile. 
She adores boots in the winter time, because they make her feel brave
Asnee Llyggeddyn send her (and Chicken and Zoomboy and myself) wants of ash and red willow this week, with a small cachet of stones that are uniquely us.
Squishy wanted to know all of the stones–and my favorite was sardonyx, because it sounds like  “Sardonic” which I think captures the unique “no bullwhip” quirk of her eyebrow when she is pretty sure shit ain’t kosher.
We ate dinner at Wongs with my stepson on Thursday–by her request.  It’s not a birthday without dinner at Wongs, but since we love the food, that’s okay.  (And they like us– especially my dad.  Unfortunately, Grandpa Pete couldn’t make it this time.  He’s on a Wild Hog trip–Harleys and all– to Las Vegas this week.  As I told my mom, growing old ain’t for the weak, and retirement ain’t for the lazy.).
Of course, that was the grown up party, bless Squishy’s sweet heart.  She’s having a couple of friends over to spend the night– grownups are invited for ice cream and pizza beforehand. 
This is a big deal for us.
Until yesterday, 1/4 of the visible space in our house looked like this: 

It looks better now, but only with lots of effort.  There will be even more effort when I get home today, because that’s only one quarter of the visible house, and Mate cannot be expected to do it all. (Although it is infuriating how much he does, compared to me.  I don’t understand how one man can accomplish so much.  He’s dazzling.)

 But then, much of my family is dazzling.
Chicken is dazzling for getting Squishy a Pokémon Fox named Derek.  (Sterek fans will find this hySterekal by the way.). This was one of Squishy’s favorite presents.
Big T is dazzling for giving her a comic book, because he thinks everybody should love comic books.
And Zoomboy is dazzling because even though we bought him an Evil Minion collectible for “don’t be jealous of your sister”, he really didn’t need it.  He was just happy to go to Wongs and dance on the new dance program.  But he still loved the Evil Minion.  It’s assumed his shelf of honor.  So, you know.  Dazzling.
As for me?  I dyed my hair, so I didn’t feel old.  I tried for a skunk stripe, but I’m not so great with hair color, so it ended up very very close to Squishy’s color in the front.
Is it red?  Is it magic?  Is it eight?
If it’s eight, and magic, and red, it’s Squish. 
Happy Birthday, Squish.  You are our darling, our baby, the dessert to our family meal.  You are happy, and smart, and clever.  You tell terrible jokes– but they’re getting better–and you are kind and intuitive and read much like I read, to laugh and cry and identify with the hero.
You make me feel young enough to have no gray hair whatsoever. 
Love you, Squish.  You’re the most huggable child I’ve ever known.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Aww, look what a beautiful girl< both inside and out, Squish is growing up to be!
    Happy Birthday, sweetie!
    Hope the sleep over was a blast.
    And Amy kids may give you the grey hairs but they keep you young too. You look MARVELOUS!

  2. What a wonderful birthday.

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