Isn’t she looooooveeeeelllleeeeeeee….?

Well, not the 4th, not yet, but it’s plenty later than I’d planned to blog.  And in the meantime, I have written this here about the Grinch at Love Bytes! and this right here about subtext at Amy’s Lane.

I have also finished a story called Food for Thought which will be released next April, as part of an anthology with four other fantastic and amazing writers, whose stories I’m sure will leave mine in the dust.  The thread that ties the antho together is a mysterious cookbook that’s been added to over the generations, and I had so much fun with this.  I guess 360K of angst, pain and slityerwrist emotional ouchies really does make some happy mandatory!

Oh– and did you see the bag?  Did you see the ultra-magnificent-made-me-cry-and-get-all-quiet bag?  Christy Duke, who has been a staunch supporter and an amazing, fun, interactive reader, had her MIL make me the best carpet bag in the world.  You can’t have it.  NOBODY BUT ME CAN HAVE IT!  *growls fiercely and protectively over my beautiful bag*

*smishes Christy*  Oh honey– you wrought just ever so well… *gets verklempt*


I’m in editing for Beneath the Stain, which will be released in seven parts, starting in August.  I know, I know– you’re thinking, “Oh my God, a serial?  Why should I buy the serial when the whole thing will eventually become available?”

Well, because in this case, I’ve written a DVD Extra for each installment of the story, and I’m really sort of proud of this.  See, because the story was so long, I cut, pared, and shaved everything down to it’s barest, and I really started to lurve the rest of the cast of the story.  So the DVD Extras are devoted to the “extras.”  While the main story is told from the POV of the two MC’s, each section has between 2-3K devoted to the other characters.  I’ve put some thought into this, and I really hope you like it, and I really hope it makes it worth it to buy the serial, because I’m seriously doing the pee-pee dance, I want people to read this so bad.  So hang in there– I’ll have a cover reveal shortly, and a release date and buy links and all sorts of things.  I’m thinking about having a weekly contest somewhere, because I’m having fun picking out swag for this, and… well…

It’s going to be nearly 190K when I’m done with the extras.  I really want you guys to be as excited about it as I am.

And speaking of new swag and fun stuff going on…

Did you notice my dragon?  Up there at the top of the page?

See, I mentioned to Rhys Ford that I wanted to update my dragon.  Chicken refused to do it– she kept saying she wanted a full-on professional to do that, and since her emphasis in animation is going to be storytelling, she didn’t feel up to it.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I adored my other dragon… but I sort of felt that I’d grown, and my writing had grown, and my business of writing had grown, and I wanted a logo to reflect that.

And Rhys… oh God.  She loves me.  You know how I know she loves me?  That dragon has my eyes.

So meet my new Angst & Pain dragon.  Isn’t she lovely?

And now…

Well, we’re going to do a movie tomorrow, and fireworks–much against my own inclination.  I’m not fond of them anyway, and it’s so dry here in California, but the little kids really wanted them, and Mate, who has been working his ass off has sort of grown to like the fireworks bonding time with his kids.  But movie, fireworks, maybe pizza, or, you know, I’ll go shopping and come up with a better idea.  Cause, see, tomorrow isn’t the big deal for us.  Now Saturday, when my stepmom is having the families over for a big picnic?

That’s a big deal.

But right now?  Well, I’ve been writing around 7K a day and editing and Mate has been gone most nights so I’ve been doing it with kids in the house and taking them to the pool and going shopping with them and you know what?

I need a nap or I’m going to start knitting a gun too.  And then I’m going to shoot yarn bullets at the sky.  That’s way too much work– it’s really probably a better idea if I go join the dog.

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