It happens every night…

About five minutes ago, I stood up and stretched.

The dogs, seeing that my nightly work time is nearing its end, haul ass out the barely open back door, bark at the cat, and chase her back inside.

She comes inside with a wounded dignity, and they prance in after her, proud that they have done her job.

“See!” I burst out.

Mate–who was working on the couch next to me–said, “Sure. I saw.”

“I told you!”

“I know.”

“They do that every night!” Every damned night. No lie.

“So you’ve said.”

“They herd her in– they don’t want her outside when the door’s closed.”  I mean, aww!!

“It’s very cute.”

“Yes, yes it is.”

“They can go to bed now.”

“I”m saying.” Because it’s like the last thing on their to-do list, like closing the door and turning off the lights.

“Can we?”

So, yeah– going to bed.  We have a big day tomorrow– we’re driving to Vallejo, playing at 6 Flags, staying the night and driving to Monterey.  Blogging may get a bit spotty, but I’ll try to check in on FB and Twitter– wish us luck! We’re taking Chicken, Squish, and Zoomboy– and I’m looking forward to it.



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