It wasn’t a gold statue…

But my mom gave Mate and I the night off by taking the kids on Saturday, and it was damned close! Woot! We went out to dinner, skipped the movie, and commenced the quality mom & dad time. One word. Two syllables. AWESOME.

My stepmom had a moment though. She was trying to explain how she didn’t really like my style of writing, but she liked my story and she WAS going to finish Promise Rock, damn if she wasn’t! When we picked up the kids she tried to explain that she didn’t think I was a terrible writer–she just didn’t really get my style but…

I told her thank you. I’m glad she doesn’t think I’m a terrible writer–especially because I pretty much dedicated ‘Making Promises’ to her. The conversation ended abruptly then, and we planned Squishies birthday party. It was all good.

Oh– btw? I passed the 800 mark on blog entries without so much as a blink on my part. I’m thinking maybe I’ll get all excited at post 1000, you all think?

And the rest of my day was all about finishing ‘Litha’s Constant Whim’–it’s still in the editing stages, but if (BIG IF) the folks at DSP like it, it will be another Green’s HIll story, for your enjoyment:-) (So far I’ve gotten a lot of “Amy, dammit, I can’t read the fucking screen right now because I’m in tears.” Believe it or not, I take that as a good sign.) I’m also thinking of reclaiming the Adrian story from Liquid Silver, cleaning it up, and submitting it to DSP as well. Folks seem to like it–if they give Whim a break, they might like Shep and Jefi as well.

Oh yeah– Mate (brave man) took Squish to a King’s Game tonight. And while he was getting up to go to the bathroom four times (and getting food & stuff for her twice) the King’s sank into a black hole that sucked the joy out of the room. I think Mate had the best seat in the house, don’t you, Galad?

And, oh yeah– can I just say, the older I get, the worse the Wall of Death gets on the Academy Award shows? And one more thing: Thank you, James Taylor. Thank you very fucking much for making me sniffle like a dweeb during the wall of death. Like reading my own work didn’t have me sobbing like a baby as it was.

And really? That’s alls I gots right now… except that I’m glad Julie’s feeling better–Mighty Samurai, I’ll watch all those Castle eps I’ve got taped if you check out a Supernatural. (I will have you too, my pretty one… buahahahahahahaha….)

And now, off to watch some taped Oscar with Mate. Peace out!

0 thoughts on “It wasn’t a gold statue…”

  1. Sounds like a good weekend. Glad to hear you had some quality parent time.

  2. DecRainK says:

    Looks like a good time all around :0)

  3. Chris says:

    Getting time together with Mate, child free – priceless. 🙂

  4. roxie says:

    Hooray for quality grown-up time!! And hooray for stories coming together!

  5. Galad says:

    Mate is a brave man and a loyal fan 🙂

  6. Donna Lee says:

    Oh god. That brought back memories of when we took the girls to the circus and Em was only recently in 'big girl panties'. I was pregnant and spent more time waiting in line to use the bathroom than watching the circus.

    I love me some adult time. It's amazing how wonderful it is to find you still like the person you married even when the kids aren't around.

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