It’s a Fresh One!

Okay, so when my family sees a baby, almost to a one we all squeal, “Oooh, it’s a fresh one!”  We like newborn babies.  (Here is Mate, holding a friend’s baby. Yes, I needed a spatula and a spoon to scrape my heart off the floor too.)


Imagine a baby that tiny when you hear the rest of the story.

So, there we were– about forty of us–mothers and grandmothers in the aqua pool, aqua-ing our little hearts out.  Now, the instructor stands on the side of the pool that gets a little shade sometimes, and on that side, the pool is separated from an apartment complex by a big jasmine coated fence.  The fence isn’t tall enough to block out the second story of the apartment complex though, and one balcony in particular overlooks the pool.

So we all noticed when a woman our age (and I’m a young-un in this bunch) came out on the balcony with a newborn. We let out a collective “Awwwww…”  and she turned and smiled.  At that moment, a younger woman– her daughter, or daughter in law– came out on the porch and her mother (or MIL) gestured to all of us.

The daughter smiled and took her baby from grandma, holding the baby up to show us, a little like the creepy little monkey held up the Lion King at Pride Rock.

We all applauded, and mom and grandma bowed and took the baby inside.

So there you go, folks– THAT’S how every baby deserves to be welcomed into the world.


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