It’s been a while since I’ve been tagged.

And thanks, Shelia, for breaking the peace!!! (I’d link to ya, baby, but that part of my tool bar is still bye bye…)

Anyway, I tag anyone who wants to do this…from what I understand, it’s name poetry with your middle name… as Amy Lane I have no middle name–I was going to do a thing where you all helped me make up a middle piece for my pen name, and we can still do that, but for now, I’ll do my real middle name.

My Aunt Teresa is a pretty incredible person. She has various personal ailments…but I only know them by whispers in the house because her sheer force of personality and wonder has left any physical problems in the dust of her charisma. I love her (and my Aunt Monica and my Uncle Phil and his wonderful wife Barb) to little tiny pieces, but the reason I bring up Teresa is because I was named after her–but not exactly after her. My mom was probably just as leery of saddling a young-un w/family history in a moniker as I’ve been, so I got the modified version. No one can ever pronouce it right, but it’s just ‘Teresa’ without the ‘a’.

Tag, I’m it:

T–Tired. (Four kids and two jobs…yeah, it figures.)
E–Emotional (ya think? I mean, you’ve been on the emotion coaster w/me, y’all, I think that word works…)
R–Rotten (at housekeeping and cooking and generally to the core:-) Either that or “Riffing, Rhyming, or Ribald…” take your pick.
I–Irrational (Did I mention my 3 star review? Do you want me to get started? No. You don’t. Why? Because I’m a total nutjob and I need to be ignored. Yes. This one works.)
C–Clueless. (Seriously–have you ever felt like the world got the really sophisticated George Cukor joke, and you were still laughing at someone’s striped socks?
E–Easily Entertained. (Hyuk hyuk… striped socks…hyuk. And knitting.)

So, that’s me– Amy TERICE Lane… Or whatever you want my middle name to be… if anyone has a good idea for that, btw, I’m open to suggestions.

(btw? It was a gorgeous day to watch Chicken’s soccer team lose… but lots of time outsde–very lovely. Oh yes–Chicken is in the middle of using my MacBook in the way in which it deserves to be used–she’s putting together a movie of snapshots…to Simon and Garfunkle’s “The Zoo”. Why that song, you ask? Because The Cave Troll was demanding a song about animals on the way home the other day. We had to stop and get Chicken from school, and I think he wanted me to sing Old MacDonald, but see ‘Clueless’ from above, so I had her look that song up on the old ipod. She loved it–it made her day. Howzzat for teachin yer kid kulcher?)

0 thoughts on “It’s been a while since I’ve been tagged.”

  1. Donna Lee says:

    Oh god, my middle name is Kifferly, my mother’s maiden name. That would be a good one to try.

  2. Catie says:

    for hints on how to use the camera on your computer (quick and dirty instructions) and my kitties fucker status (varmint status on my page…) please refer to my newest blog entry. Just a warning, the photo booth application can get addicting and as such can be a detriment to getting stuff done while working in a laboratory (which for the record has 2-3 computers with cameras embedded in them…)

  3. I didn’t have a middle name growing up. My last name became my middle name when I got married and took his name. People try and guess, I smile and say nope.

  4. roxie says:

    The middle name isn’t “Fast,” is it? Country? Winding?

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