It’s been sort of a week… (And Fanfic Friday will be on Sunday, I swear!)


First of all, I WILL write a fanfic this week– just not today. I had a REALLY busy week, and an edit I needed in, and now I DESPERATELY need to write on my actual WIP.


A couple of fun things before I bail to do just that.

First of all–

Last night was Mate’s soccer banquet. After spending an hour in the traditional kids vs. parents game at an indoor venue, we retired to pizza where he gave out little packets with Jamba Juice gift certificates and hackey sacks. He was trying to get the kids to explain to him what the hackey sacks were for.

“So, what do I always tell you guys?”

And the kids shouted out, “Communicate! Mark up! Defense!” and the right answer, “Soft feet!”  (Because the hackey sacks were to practice the soft feet, right?

And then he looks at Zoomboy. “Zoom boy, what do I always tell you?”

Zoomboy thought seriously.  “Don’t just stand there?”

I laughed so hard.  THAT’S our kid at soccer– but maybe it will eventually sink in.


Squishy’s school was awarded a free bike per kid– it was a very big deal. For months, we’ve had to fill out paperwork and make plans and all sorts of stuff.  I was terrified I’d forget the date– Sunday, December 13th.

Which is exactly the date my parents got tickets to take the kids to see a live action presentation of A Christmas Story. 

Dudes. Who wants to be nine and make that sort of choice?  A new bike, or a day out to see a play?  Hmm… lets see lets see…

“Well, I already have a bike, so I’ll see A Christmas Story.

No hesitation.

No regrets.

I’m really sort of proud.  Oddly enough, Chicken was like, “So she picked the play, right?”

And I realized that, of all the neuroses and bad house-cleaning genes that I’ve given my children, Mate and I have also given them a perception of experience over object. We’ve put off new televisions and new cars for a chance to travel, and have put off remodeling our old, decrepit house for multiple Saturdays at the movies. Sometimes, I’m not sure if this is the way to go–but hearing my kid make the least acquisitive decision– that was sort of awesome.

I liked that a lot.

P.S.  That, however, doesn’t preclude us from each choosing one or two things to HOARD LIKE MAD. For me, it’s yarn and books. For Zoomboy it’s Legos. For Squish, it’s stuffed animals. For Mate and Chicken, it’s T-shirts, and for Big T, it’s movies. That just hit me. Huh.

And that, and today is Big T’s birthday– Happy 23rd, buddy!  The time goes so fast!

I swear– fanfic tomorrow. I’ll take suggestions, although right now, I’m leaning towards Dex and Kane!

0 thoughts on “It’s been sort of a week… (And Fanfic Friday will be on Sunday, I swear!)”

  1. Unknown says:

    Give yourself a hug, honey. You're handling all these wonderful things "at the speed of Life" and you're doing it quite well. Top off the good old wassail bowl and take a deep drink! Blessed Yule!

  2. Katherine D says:

    Oo.Dex and Kane? I can never get enough of those two.

  3. Dex and Kane works for me.

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