Rampant: The Fourth Book of the Little Goddess Series is n=ow officially on

First, the traditional prayer–and I know you guys keep telling me that it doesn’t, but I’m getting to be really superstitious. Are we all ready?

Holy Goddess, Merciful God, LET IT NOT SUCK! Cannyagimmehallelujia? Amen.

And next, something besides just another link, because I’m sure you’re all tired of those.

The thing is, I’m sort of running on fumes. At the risk of TMI, my body is in the throes of an epic level hormonal plasma dump right now, and in the midst of all that “Holy shit, I’ve got two books coming out and that’s twice the exposure to get my internal organs devoured by mean wolverines disguised as reviewers” angst, I’ve also got, well, an epic level hormonal plasma dump. Yes, I know, normal people call them periods. Normal people also have more than four or five a year, and don’t blow through two boxes of feminine protection in two days. I tell you all, there’s nothing like standing up in front of a classroom of teenagers and thinking, “A-yup. Feminine protection #epic fail.”

So, on top of that, there is also the four hours of sleep a night–I’m angsting in the most ridiculous way.

An example? My editor from DSP (lovely woman–like most of you, I’d give a lot to be able to actually sit down and knit with her, providing she knits) e-mailed me last night to let me know that I made the top ten in overall sales on ARe. It’s gone now, replaced by another title, but apparently what it meant is that consistently, over thirty days, my book outsold everything else on the site. In Elizabeth’s words, that’s “all of Harlequin and 99% of het romance.” And I went, “Uh-oh.”

Yeah, you read that right.


I had a sudden attack of angst because, hullo, I was sort of succeeding. I thought, “Oh crap. Will I get a whole crop of different people who think I write quirky and light and who will then destroy me because I really write quirky and angsty, and If I Must was a fluke? Will any of these people read The Little Goddess series and be disappointed?”

It kept me up last night.

But then, so did worry about Promise Rock and Rampant, and all of that other stuff. And I’m thinking now, “Most of these guys have seen me have meltdowns for the past three years, right? Bound, Bitter Moon I, Bitter Moon II–I’ve been riding the angst pony once a year, boiled down in the crucible of dream catching into a vapor of mooncalfing and hamsterwheeling, all because I put out my scant literary offerings into the world and fret over the wrath of angry gods. If anyone will get how weird I’m becoming about having two books out right now on the heels of a third (albeit a short one) the people who read my blog WILL get it.”

Thank Goddess– because I’m about to drive my husband batshit. Even the kids are worried–they actually let me NAP this afternoon, for no other reason than because I looked crazed and broke into tears when one of them did the dishes.

Rampant is out–and I’m going to be haunting the airwaves until it gets its first review (which is no mean feat, since I know amazon will take its sweet fucking time in shipping those puppies out to you–and to me, for that matter.) Promise Rock will be out on Monday, and I’m going to be a basket case, because that one gets professional reviews and holy cats–what if I not only get bagged (bad enough, as you’ve seen me lose my nut over but get bagged by someone with an audience of five-thousand people. Ou-UCH! And even more fun? That interview will hit the airwaves and open up an even wider audience to watch me succeed gloriously or fail with much freaking out and general hilarity.

And you guys, with a front row seat, already have practice scraping me off the ground in a puddle and pouring me back into the mold. Good–it’s a good thing we’ve all had practice with this dance, because I think, just maybe, we’re about to pick up the beat.

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  1. roxie says:

    First of all, when having those plasma dumps, STAY HYDRATED! Are you taking iron supplements? Take a couple of cans of chicken broth to school and chug one between classes. I have been there. It helps.

    You are a great writer! And a brave, brave woman. And your books do NOT suck! There there, baby. There there! Big hoorays and whoopie hallelujah!! Just think – most people have to pay vast sums of money and actually risk life and limb to get this much adrenalin rushing through them. You do it on an annual basis and are now getting PAID for it! You're my hero!

    Get some B vitamin supplements, too. They're good for the nervous system, and yours could use a little coddling. I'm thrilled for you! Congratulations!

  2. cosmonaut says:

    I found your blog about a week ago after I read the excerpt for KPR. Just wanted to say what I've read so far was amazing and I can't wait till Monday. Am I going to need tissues? lol . I also read If I Must mid-week and really enjoyed it. Ian reminds me a little of a math professor I had a few years back. Total genius and kinda spacey (and hot).

  3. lizzy1425 says:

    Hi Amy, love your writing and all your wonderful characters and i have been waiting what seems like an eternity for Rampant i am just so excited for you that its finally at amazon but could you tell me if and when and where it will be availiable on ebook? thanks so much keep up the good work!

  4. Galad says:

    Holy Goddess, Merciful God, LET IT NOT SUCK! Cannyagimmehallelujia? Amen (AMEN!)

    I've been waiting for the meltdown so am relieved it finally spewed out on the blog. You can't contain that much energy without some of it leaking out.

    You are awesome, you are a wonderful writer and are surrounded by a group of people who love and admire you. Hope that helps.

  5. Louiz says:

    It will not suck. And anyone reading the Little Goddess series for the first time really is doing it with their eyes shut (if that makes sense) if they haven't read the reviews showing it's angsty and… well mature content.

    Looking forwards to ordering the two of them:)

  6. Plasma dumps suck – You don't. And for the record, I'm half way through what you sent me. Where is the rest?

  7. DecRainK says:

    It will not suck.. and I will tell you how much it does not suck and how much I love it as soon as I can afford to buy it :0) lol
    Actually my friend is buying it for me as a late birthday gist so as soon as she gets money I will tell you how much it rocks.

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