It’s not procrastinating, it’s blogging!

Okay–my foot hurts–not that this is a reason for blogging instead of working on my list of book to-dos but I thought I’d mention it. My fasci-whatsis sprung a plantarr-somethingus and sitting at the table to type is just not as much fun as it usually is.

Anyway, on my roster for today? I print out Bitter Moon II to send to Roxie and Needletart–huzzah!!! huzzah!!! HUZZAHHHH!!!! I’m really looking forward to having someone else read this–I’m sincerely hoping it doesn’t suck… in fact, I have a bone deep feeling it might actually rock, just a little, but I don’t want to be prideful about it, so I’m not going to mention it again. Tomorrow, I send it to them (along with some gift yarn of appreciation:-) and hope that they enjoy it. I will NOT mention the stomach torsioning anxiety that accompanies this act, because if they don’t enjoy it, that puts them in a TERRIBLE place of having to tell me gently that my prayers have failed and it sucks. I will accept their words gracefully (don’t I always?) but I worry. You know that. I always worry.

My children’s child-care lady (my former student) is embarking on a second career as financial advisor and so she came by today with her teacher and made Mate and I feel completely inadequate about our money-management skills. What can I say, people, I’ve got my retirement in yarn? I mean, it’s funny to US, but I’m not sure if the rest of the world gets it, you know?

And as for the children–The Cave Troll had his first soccer game yesterday, and I sweartadog, it was funnier than Monk! Seriously–Cave Troll was like Ferdinand the Bull. “You want me to look over there? But the sun is over there. Can I look at this clump of grass instead? No? Why not? You want me to come in? No? You want me to chase the ball? That ball? That ball going into the goal? Oh–was that bad? What do you mean guard the goal? I don’t understand this thing called ‘guard’ that you are talking about. Can’t I just chase the ball? I CAN? Oh-boy-oh-boy-oh-boy-oh-boy…let me chase the ball! What do you mean kick it? Weren’t those other kids doing that? You know–the ones in the other uniforms? I mean, kicking it away from them would be rude, wouldn’t it? No? Oh-wait. The ball’s in front of me now. Should I kick it? Really? Okay. They’re all looking at me. Should I kick it again? Well…if you insist. They’re still looking at me…should I do it again? Oh. Okay–everybody’s chasing me now. That’s good. Now they can kick it–I was getting tired…”

And so on. The fact that he runs like a guy in a Tinkerbell suit doesn’t help. (Okay, my original analogy was WAYYYYY more offensive than that–but his elbows are up around his ears and his wrists and hands are flapping all around–YOU tell me what he runs like!) I mean, seriously–high comedy, at it’s finest.

And as for Ladybug–she finally got her nap yesterday. She would have gotten one today, but the Cave Troll was being a Big Butt about it, so they’re a couple of spazznados, ripping up the universe with their tiredness–fun times!

And otherwise? We’re tired. We’re tired and it’s the end of week 1 for them, and week 2 for me, and I know it’s going to get worse but… but we survive, don’t we? We always do! I’ve got an entire paragraph of Rampant written–this is a big breakthrough, because once I have the first couple of pages down, I can do my ‘filler time’ writing. It’s getting that first little bit on the big white page that’s always daunting, so those of you excited about the next LG book can rejoice! And I’m going to post the Teague and Jack story on the website this weekend–can I get another HUZZAH? Amen:-)

Oh yes– as long as iUniverse gets off their fat asses and sends me my umpteen copies of my books, I have a book signing with The Guilded Bat at a Horror Convention in September. But more about that later okay?

(*coyly*) Bye…

0 thoughts on “It’s not procrastinating, it’s blogging!”

  1. JenB says:

    Craaaaaappp…I need to finish reading that story. I WANT to finish reading that story. Damn my grumpy mood and busy schedule.

    Your soccer playing kiddo sounds adorable. 🙂

  2. TinkingBell says:

    O yay – and I ROFLMAO at the description of the soccer game (my 6 yeart old goes to circus school and sometiems half the class are like that!)

    Your schedule scares me (mainly because it looks like 2 of my days now I’m back in the workforce!

    Sleep sleep sleep my dear – the cleaning can always wait!

  3. Galad says:

    I love those soccer games where the kids don’t have a clue but they are having a great time doing it 🙂

    Sounds like you are making steady progress despite the crazy, chaotic schedule. And you found time to blog.

    P.S. Is there something wrong with having your retirement in yarn? You’ll never be without good socks!

  4. roxie says:

    It sucks. There, the worst has happened and you are still alive. Ease up on your stomache fer crysakes! Like you would ever write suckage! I am soo eager to get on with it! Yay, yay, yay!!

    Exclamation point overlaod. Sorry,your writing just affects me that way.

    Love the soccer game. Sounds like the sort of thing that will flummox over-achieving parents. How angry can you get over a call when the kids can’t decide whether to chase a butterfly or the ball?

  5. Donna Lee says:

    Sports are more fun to watch when small kids are playing them. I love to see them just enjoying themselves. The parents are another matter. You know in your heart of hearts that the book won’t suck. They never suck. You are a talented woman. Go ahead and be prideful!

  6. NeedleTart says:

    Whee!! BM2!! I can’t wait. Other than correcting The Husband’s grammar and finding the errors in *other* people’s books, is there any homework you would assign?
    Love the soccer game. If you can pin him down give CT a hug.

  7. Louiz says:

    The soccer game sounds fantastic (soccer is very big in this country). If you can get it when it leaves the bbc, there’s some new programme starting (I think this week) about parents of kiddie football – and how over achieving they are!

    Retirement in yarn? Sounds good to me!

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