It’s Not Shakespeare

It’s Not Shakespeare is out!

Of course, I wrote my best post for this Monday, mostly because I was waxing rhapsodic and going all verklempt about Mate (as I should!) but I thought I’d give it a little introduction today as well.  

See, the thing is, I wrote REALLY intense for a while.  (For the record, I’ve gone back to intense again for the last month… wow.  Pain.  Oh the frickin’ emotional pain!)  And then, for shits and giggles, my publisher sent me this picture–and it was SOOO cute.  Did you see the doggie?  Did everybody see the doggie?  Nice doggie!  Good doggie!  Good Marlowe–isn’t he adorable?  Oh yeah.

I mean, how could you write angst for that dog?

You can’t.  You write humor.  You write fun.  You write two guys who were made for each other, even if one of them doesn’t believe that really happens in just a couple of weeks of REALLY good sex.    You have soul mates who don’t get maudlin, best friends who will love each other forever, a partnership based on kindness, humor, and love.

I adore these guys.  And the fact that the name of the dog is Marlowe, after Christopher Marlowe, and that it discusses my whole take on whether or not Shakespeare wrote his own plays (I think he did) right when the movie Anonymous is about to come out–well, that was just zeitgeist, I think.

I hope you all like it–and I have to say, I hope you all take advantage of it.  I’ve got this and a couple of novellas coming out (two in December, one in February) and then my next release is going to be all angst and razorblades–and don’t think I’m kidding about that.  Enjoy the hell out of this.  We all know my work isn’t always angst-free!

In news?  Well, I took my gimpy self, along with my crazy friend Wendy (whose love life is imploding–I won’t give you details, but God, am I grateful for Mate!) and we went and bought a bunk bed for Zoomboy.  Now the PLAN is this– Zoomboy has a birthday day on Saturday (Actual birthday, November 15th) and after soccer, we go home, get him changed, and go pick up his friend, Sam.  Then we take Zoomboy and Sam to the zoo, and then to the movies, and then we pick up an ice cream cake, and then we pick up some pizza and then we get home…

To where Mate and the big kids have cleaned out the little kids room and installed the bunk bed.  There will be a small “play with me” present on top of the bunk bed, but mostly?  It’s a bunk bed and a sleepover with his best friend.  And we’re hoping that’s enough to satisfy Zoomboy’s bright and yet simple soul.

(And the gimpy part came in when my crazy friend Wendy and I were lifting shit.  Her back is shot, and my wrist and shoulder supported no weight whatsoever.  Sad.  So sad.)

Oh– and from the files of random– Zoomboy and  Squish’s school had a cookie dough sale.  I bought enough dough for both of them, but I only put it on Zoomboy’s order form, because, well, I was filling it out in the office on the last possible day, why do you ask?  Anyway–Zoomboy got this prize for selling cookie dough.  I told them that the prize is both of theirs, and you know what?  At first I thought it was like, something you could get out of a cereal box, and then?

Okay, it’s this top–you know, crank it down on the little twister thingy, release, and it spins?  Except when it spins there’s a laser light show and sound effects.

*awe*  Best. Prize. Ever.

0 thoughts on “It’s Not Shakespeare”

  1. roxie says:

    OK, if it's funny and tender and angstless, I'll go for it. (I didn't see the doggie till you told me to look for it. GREAT cover!!)

    Sounds like a perfect Zoomboy day! He's so lucky to have the famil that he does.

  2. New book! Pretty sweet.

  3. Donna Lee says:

    I saw a preview for Anonymous. Not my thing. I am a Shakespeare believer for no other reason than that i want to be. I don't want to hear the facts. I don't care about the facts.

    I think I want a birthday like Zoomboy's! (although I had an awesome birthday myself), the zoo and ice cream cake sounds wonderful.

  4. Louiz says:

    I think I would end up shouting at the screen if I watch Anonymous.

    And I'd like a prize like that, sounds fab:)

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