It’s Time to Say I Told You So

I’m sure those of you who read that last incoherent post saw this coming.

I’m sick.

Yeah, no, not twisted you kinky people you, sick.  Head cold, exhaustion, general blechitude– and I’m actually sort of pissed about it.  But being pissed did not get my ass out of bed much the last two days.  (Hey.  I showered today.  Woot!  Let’s hear it for cleanliness!)

Anyway– I was very proud of myself.  I managed to stave off the phlegm and I-hate-the-world exhaustion through most of Thanksgiving, but my mom called Friday morning and said, “Wait. Are you sick?”

“Yetthb, I ab. I ab thik, why ‘oo ‘oo athk?”

And the shitty thing?  I still had deadlines.  But, at last it’s done.  The edit and the blog tour that I had to work through that made me sick are done, and the last day I’ve been sitting and knitting and avoiding the computer as much as possible.  I’ve seen movies and knitted and generally not good stuff to blog about, but good stuff to live through.

Thanksgiving was a very generic sort of nice.  I took German cabbage and stuffing down to my stepmom in the morning (since I even then I felt too crappy to get there in time to take her for breakfast) and I sat and talked to her for about an hour before coming home to get the family. Then we went to my parents’ house with an assortment of relatives.  Good company– my nephews have grown into such nice young men! My oldest nephew, who is a year or so older than Big T, is taking his wife and stepson down to San Diego– they’re stopping in to see Chicken and she’s excited about that.  It’s a chance to see family near Thanksgiving, which is good.  She misses us until Christmas.

Anyway, we came home with a plethora of leftovers, and I sat down to watch a movie with the kids and woke up when it was done.  Mate was glaring at me.

“I told you you were getting sick.  You should be in bed!

And so I went, and I stayed, until I woke up and huddled around my glowing master and slaved away on a couple of essays.  But Mate is on vacation, and is okay with all of the time I’ve spent sleeping.  It’s weird what seems productive sometimes, isn’t it?  Tonight I broke out of my huddle, and we all made it to see Planes which was at the cheap theaters, and then for a dinner that wasn’t all carbs, which we had a Chili’s.  (They have a good low-calorie menu– a small portion of lean meat and broccoli– after Thanksgiving it’s the food of the gods.)  During dinner we had a contest to see who had the longest tongue.  Squish won, can you tell?

But even being sick isn’t all that bad.  Like I said there has been knitting.  The picture you see (looks around the blog– it’s somewhere) is going to be a long elfin muffler hat for Mary my Mary.  Squish wants one too, but given that i know Mary will treat it like gold and Squish will treat it like a doll blanket/pillow case/stuffing for her rat cage, Mary is getting the old-fashioned stripes, hand picked for funkified color combination, and Squish is getting semi-acryllic yarn with the stripes built in.  But I sure do like this hat– and I’m glad Mary likes it too, because I’ve been sending her pictures of the damned thing every time I work on it.

Also– today, Zoomboy made me a Lego diorama of the TV show The Headless Horseman.  It’s pretty cool, actually– he made the horned demon, the guy with no head, and he used Jack Sparrow as the also sexily accented and bearded Ichabod Crane.  I was very proud.  I put him on Twitter– and the people agree.  Zoomboy sorta rocks.

Also to cheer me up, Sunne from Switzerland sent me chocolate in exchange for some swag.  I think I got the best of the exchange, because this is some damned good chocolate, and it came at a very opportune time!

Oh!  And the blog tour and editing?  Was all for this book, which is out on the 9th.  Don’t forget, 20% of the proceeds go to the Ali Forney center for homeless LGBTQ youth, and it’s available for pre-sale HERE. 

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