It’s WHEN?

Okay, folks–

For the record–I started out with every intention of starting Lollipop today.  After I submitted a Winter Ball,  took the dog to the vet, did two loads of laundry, took the kids to the pool, called my son’s school to set up a registration appointment, had a nap to make up for the five hours of sleep the night before, had a conversation with a colleague, then another one, then fetched the dog, then started dinner, ate dinner, socialized with kids, with husband, with Chicken over chat, comforted the dog and gave her medicine, watched Major Crimes and tried to knit, and somehow managed three blogs for my upcoming blog tour to promote Deep of the Sound, and booked flight tickets for two trips, I discovered it was eleven o’clock and I hadn’t even blogged for myself.

Holy shit.

Perhaps I’ll try to write fiction tomorrow.


Night all!


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  1. ShirleyAnn says:

    Wow Amy you are so busy remember look after yourself we need you!!

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