Itsa Itsa Itsa… Dodge Caravan!

Okay– the days have been quiet which doesn’t give me much blog-fodder, but I have a few things today.

The first is I took the Odyssey in to get the back quarter repaired today–and realized I’d forgotten to reserve a rental car. I went to the rental car place–right next door to the repair shop–and resigned myself to a long wait for Mate. Hell, I couldn’t even get him on the phone.

Then the girl–who looked disconcertingly like Buffy the Vampire Slayer–and I say that with all love, because Sarah Michelle Gellar is stunningly pretty and I adored Buffy–saw me sitting in the corner, looking across the street at McDonalds and wondering if maybe I should just wait there because at least there was coffee, and said, “Wait–did you turn in a minivan?”


“So you’d want a minivan in return?”


“I can get you one of those. Just wait.”

Took her ten minutes.

And she didn’t have to do it. I was the moron who hadn’t reserved a car. I took to Twitter and @Enterprise and sent out something making sure she got an attagirl. And they said she would.  I mean, it was just so kind– and she didn’t have to. I hope she got a gift certificate somewhere awesome–I really do.

And the car was a newer Dodge Caravan– which is the same make/model of the one that died–literally, gave it’s last gasp into a parking spot–two years ago. BTW? This one looks totally different than that one. It’s like a whole new car.

The kids were very puzzled–and very excited–with the new-to-us vehicle. The dogs were highly suspicious. Apparently all bad things start with a Dodge Caravan. I’m thinking Johnnie and Geoffie might still have memories of the old one.

And after that?

Well, Quickening Part 1 got it’s second to last edit, and THAT’S exciting!

Oh! And I’m making KPoP mitts for swag for Coastal Magic– can you tell?

Well… maybe if the dogs weren’t in the way…

I’m pretty embarrassed about the fingerless mitts as a swag option btw. I really don’t see how anybody would want them–I’m bringing books for backup.

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0 thoughts on “Itsa Itsa Itsa… Dodge Caravan!”

  1. How could one not want fingerless mitts? I have had to hunt some down for myself. My hands cramp badly when they get the least bit cold, but I need my fingers free to use the keyboard, etc. So fingerless is good!

  2. Devony says:

    Dude!…fingerless gloves are a great item to offer😄👍🏽
    Totally cannot have my fingers covered.
    Even in snow weather(Cali transplant trauma!…I thought people were nuts driving in rain! Driving in snow is a whole other kind of crazy👀)
    So yeah….love fingerless gloves.

  3. Katherine D says:

    Hand-knit finger-less gloves as swag? Total yes. You might see them popping up on eBay for exorbitant amounts later on.

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