Jury Duty

*  First of all– thank you all so much for the kind words about Gordie. The weekend was pretty sad without him.

*  Next of all, I may or may not have jury duty tomorrow. I find out at 11:15 and I’m in a quandary. On the one hand, ugh. It’s half an hour away, traffic always sucks, and parking is weird. Also, I’ve got a blog tour that I’ve procrastinated about until this week, and, as always, a deadline. Also, I only made it to one aqua class last week and I am feeling very… un aquatic.

On the other, I’m pretty sure it was two goes at jury duty that convinced me that Fish Out of Water would be a good idea, and since I’m on my third and fourth books and planning a fifth and sixth,

Also, I get to dress in my nice clothes and talk to grownups. I’m already full of self-importance in the way of having a “real job” can give you, and planning my weekend wardrobe.

Uh, never underestimate the importance of grownup clothes and outside stimuli.

But on the other hand, the kids just got back to school, I have a thing in four weeks that involves Florida and an airplane, and I PROMISED I’d have this damned book in on September 15th and it’s only 12 K in.

Maybe it’s a good thing that this particular decision is up to other people.

Also, if I DO get called in, chances are, I’m really way way too me to actually get sat.

Examples? The time the defendant was a 19 yo club kid about to go to jail for life for a pocket full of E. I OOZED so much mommy all over the juror’s box, they just took one look at me and said, “Oh no. No conviction here.”

Also, the time the trial came down to the word of a policeman vs. the defendant. The judge looked at my jacket and said, “So, you’re a romance writer. I suppose you tend to write a lot of policemen and romanticize them.”

“No sir. I’m sorry. In my world policemen are the enemy.”  (People who have been reading my books for a while are like, “Really, Amy? I never would have guessed!” And they’d be dripping with sarcasm, too.)

Anyway, the prosecuting attorney stood up and asked for a bunch of people to be dismissed, and I looked at her like, “REALLY?” when my name wasn’t called. She nodded and held up her hand in a little, “Wait for it…” and then called out my number.

And that was it.

And I got to go home! *skips away singing*


We’ll see tomorrow, right?

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