Just a Little Guilty

Okay– falling asleep, so this is gonna go quick:

*  Finished Red Fish, Dead Fish– it’s almost 100K, and it’s a sequel to Fish Out of Water. Woot!

*  Attended ZoomBoy’s choir recital tonight–where I was not only impressed with my offspring, but also impressed at how wonderfully all those middle schoolers sang when most of them seemed reluctant to open their mouths.

*  The concert had an audience singalong, and yes, I enjoyed myself. But just when I feeling my dorkiest, Mate turned to me at the beginning of Winter Wonderland and whispered, “Keep it G-Rated.”  And suddenly I was cool mom again. (HAHAHAHA HAHA HA… Cool mom… hahahahah…)

*  Was watching Modern Family when they ran the commercial for Gucci Guilty–the censored one, that only hints at the threesome. It didn’t matter. My kids figured it out immediately. And I was free, I tell you, FREE, because they learned about threesomes from Gucci and Jared Leto, and NOT from anything I wrote. *wipes forehead*  I’ve been dodging that bomb for years.

* Geoffie gets groomed tomorrow. I’ll be sure to send pictures, cause ADORABLE.

*  We are a little behind on our Christmas shopping, and I”m freaking out. It’s December WHAT? But we’ll do some this weekend and some next week, and we should be good and broke and up to our eyeballs in crap by deadline!

Off to edit Fish!

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