Just in Time for Spring Break

 So Mate and I both got our first shots–ftr (because everybody asks?) I got Pfizer, he got Moderna, and he’s been sleepy, bitchy, and achy for the last two days. I on the other hand have been just fine. Not that I’m not grateful–I mean, I had menopause during a pandemic, so I got to be some of the seven dwarves too, but it is a little disconcerting. 

Now what?

Well, first of all, the kids are going back to school part time. For a week. Then, after a week’s worth of vacation to recover, they’re going back for the rest of the year.

This is bringing about mixed emotions. 

OTOH–Yay! People!

OTOH–EWW! People!

OTOH–Yay! We have something to do today!

OTOH–We have to wake up WHEN?

OTOH–My children are going to school!

OTOH–So… CAN ZB graduate, or, uhm, is he going to be a super-senior next year, because right now, he is several units shy.

OTOH–So… uhm, Squish has undergone some changes this year. How is that going to mesh with her classmates? What about both kids’ psych appointments? Will Prozac work like Concerta for ZB? WILL THE ENTIRE FAMILY REMEMBER HOW TO HUMAN?

Also… I, uhm, suppose I should stop putting off getting my Real ID if I’m going to travel in 2022, right?

And there’s always, “Oh God–did I forget the dog’s appointments AGAIN????”

And now add, “Okay–the Magnificent Floof is going to need a hygiene shave.”

And somewhere in there is, “I’m getting close to averaging 5,500 steps a day. Am I going be be able to push it to 6,000 before the heat hits?”

And there’s always, “Does my uniform change?”

Oh–and, “Hey–is one of my adult children really moving back into the spare room that’s filled to the gills with crap right now? Shit. Is that happening in MAY?”

*breathe* *breathe* *breathe* 

Well, in my last blog I talked about how I was finally getting to the place where I was coming up from air. And now, apparently real life has crashed above our little personal lake and is showering debris on us as we tread water.

It’s okay though–we’re a lot closer to being able to swim to shore. 

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