Just in Time to Kick Off Teh Crazy…

Yup. That’s Bella’s Brother, now available at Dreamspinner, available in a day or two fromARe, and available this week sometime from the ‘zon.

To say I’m nervous about this one would not fully convey how on edge I am about the reception of Making Promises. Some people love it, and some people are disappointed that it’s not Deacon and Crick all over again, and I’ve experienced this with Vulnerable and Wounded, but, like with that series, I have the urge to make the next installment in a series VERY DIFFERENT from the first one. I guess I have to accept that if I sort of want to be like the Bruce Springsteen of UCF and m/m–not the Tommy Two-Tone–then sometimes that’s going to happen. People who loved Born to Run might NOT love Atlantic City or Further On Up The Road (and don’t make me past that Supernatural youtube clip again, because I will!) It’s a fact of writing, I need to deal–and remember that I write stories about things I like, and hope (and am thrilled when) others like that too.

I also have to remember that not once has Sylvester STallone EVER said publicly that he regretted being in Oscar, and I actually liked that movie! (“You are an ox, AND a moron!” — GREAT LINE!)

So Bella’s Brother is not as angsty as my usual fare–but I lurvs me a good romantic comedy too. I hope this one delivers.

(Everybody… I’m sayin’ it. I know you’ll join me! Holy Goddess, Merciful God, LET IT NOT SUCK!)

And about Teh Crazy?

Lessee… I don’t want to blog about some of it– Let’s just say my track record for offending people continues full steam. It’s never intentional, but I have all the grace and people skills of my aging dog after sneaking a cheap microwave burrito. Beware my interpersonal stench–it rolls thick and deep. (And let us just also say, if I complain to a higher authority about something that’s huge and affects me and my family, and that person looks me in the eyes and says, “You’ll have to find some way to fix that!” I, uhm, will PROBABLY FIND SOME WAY TO FIX IT. And protocol? Does NOBODY know me?) But that’s enough about that. There are larger concerns.

The first and foremost is that the streets are safe for another week or two– Big T has failed his written driver’s permit test. This does not surprise me– T does NOT translate those questions well into real life situations–but it does reassure me a little. Yes, the DMV system works, and I don’t have to worry about my baby being on the BIG Effing WALL-O-DEATH that parents get to look at as they wait for their spawn to take that exam. At least not until he’s put stuff together a little better in his very fine (and yet oddly wired) noggin. (And for someone who may be out there reading… *pift* Like I’d take him driving to Elk Grove anyway!)

Second and sort of fun is that I arrived today to an empty house. Seems my stepmom and dad showed up after I left for work this morning and took everybody school shopping. I love them. Can I just say I love them? Shoes for everyone, on the folks! (Anyone who has ever walked out of Famous Footwear with four pairs of shoes will realize what a blessing this is.)

And third? School started today. I was sort of ready. I made lots of promises–write more, be more interactive, grade papers closer to now than to never–and the kids? WERE AWESOME! I’d forgotten what it’s like to have kids laugh at my jokes–seriously. I may hates ’em by week six (*shudder* Week Six. You all remember week six…) but I adores ’em like the kitten right now!

And my daughter’s friend, who is going to continuation this semester to come back and graduate at mid semester, came to give me a hug. I gave her some books. I got to see her-and a bunch of other returning players–and I remembered that one of the joys of teaching Juniors is that I get to see them another year as Seniors.

And then I remembered that I love my job very much a lot sometimes.

And then I remembered that I had to run to take T to his permit exam. At the permit exam, I remembered that I was going to take Squish to dance. We got home too late to do that–and that, too, was a blessing.

Only two more errands right now… one is a walk. The other is to go fax the contract for The Adrian Story (Guarding the Vampire’s Ghost). Yeah–you read that right. Another Little Goddess story in the works. My inner “squuueeeeeeee!!!” is deafening!

If I can lose even five pounds this month, it will have been a VERY good year:-)

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  1. Jennifer says:

    You are one of maybe 5 authors that actually make me both laugh and cry out loud. I will be honest. I didn't love Making Promises as much as Keeping Promise Rock, but I did still love it. I cried and laughed out loud with Truth in the Dark, Keeping Promise Rock, and Making Promises. I am in middle of Bewitched by Bella's Brother and am really looking forward to Living Promises. You are so talented and your characters have so much depth and layers. I truly loved Making Promises but I've always been more drawn to Crick and Jeff than Deacon or Shane. Probably, just my own personal identification issues. So, I can't wait for Jeff's story and any other story you publish. I look forward to starting the Green Hill series next.

  2. roxie says:

    You rock, baby! You totally rock!

  3. I'm sending Big T good driving vibes!

    Another book coming up? When do you find the time to breathe?

  4. Louiz says:

    Back to school already?! Blimey.

    Will get the new work as soon as…

  5. marcieo says:

    I seriously doubt that you need to worry. There hasn't been a single book of yours that I haven't absolutely loved, and you have a huge fan group over on Ethan Day's Yahoo group that agrees with me, so I can't be completely crazy. 😀 As for Adrian's story, I can't make a *SQUEE* loud enough! I'm so excited!!

    My cousin teaches, but her grade is 2nd or 3rd, I believe. You have to be quite brave to choose juniors – I still remember that year. 😀 My English teacher was one of my all time favorites, but it was still quite an age. The high school kids here take the city bus home now, and every time I see them I think two things.
    1.) It really doesn't seem that long ago that I was in high school.
    2.) Thank GOD I am in my mid-30's now. My friends hate their birthdays, but my life just gets better with age. 😀

    Hang in their, and I'm sure the new book(s) will be grabbed up by Amy fans everywhere, and sod everyone else. Your babies are in good hands!

    – Marcie

  6. DecRainK says:

    Wow sounds like a crazy start to the school year!

  7. Chris says:

    Congrats on the new release! Just saw it up at ARe.

    Ok, reading about your day made me really tired.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jennifer I quite agree…Loved KPR.I did loved Shane….I couldn't find the 'spark" with Mikhail…I agree all Amy has written are marvelous and Bellas Brother is great as well..Wany Jeffs Story as well…Amy your writing is unique…


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