Just pictures

The Zen of the Monterey Bay Aquarium– we went twice.
Zenning at the aquarium. Literally AT it. These pix were taken while I stood in the same place.

Our kids in their dive jammies, paying close attention to
instructions. Squish’s “no bullshit line” is firmly in place, and
Zoobmoy has his blank “processing” look on.

A happy pair of divers!

He is proud for one with feet so large they almost couldn’t
fit him with gear.

Our kids together, having fun doing
stupid stuff, like stamping their hands.
Stunning day.

Seriously. Stunning.

Our kids walking down to the water.

Can you tell which one is Squish?
The next day, after the aquarium, we drove to Pebble Beach.

We were tickled the whole trip by ZB’s willingness to show off his
toenails along with his sister’s. They were blue to match his fipflops.

Mostly, my family had fun being together. We talked and told stories (some of which I’ve told already.) But in the end, we missed the Big T and the dogs, and Chicken missed her home in San Diego, along with her vocal, bitchy, wonderful cat and her good friends, and we were all happy for the road home.

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