Just Some Random Shit Basically

*  I signed the contract for Red Fish/Dead Fish– yay!

*  People seem to be enjoying The Virgin Manny-which is good, because after my current project, I have to write the third in the series. (Yes, everybody, the second one features Taylor as the primary MC–but he’s been through a lot, I’m telling’ ya!)

*  The dogs seem to have a thing against me knitting. Witness Geoffie, parked on my bicep, my hand trapped underneath, with no knitting in sight.

*  Mate and I went to PetSmart the other day to get cat food and looked at a cat. No, we did not get this one–named “Socks”–but when I ever get another cat, Socks would be the best cat to get. Huge, playful, very human. I hope someone who will adore her takes her home.

*  Someone who read Freckles got the mistaken impression that I was advocating just going out and replacing one dog with another if something bad happened. Uh, no. I was saying that being a dog owner was part of your identity. If you’re a “dog owner” after a pet passes on, you will eventually go out and get another dog, because that’s part of who you are. Like, I didn’t used to think I was a small-dog owner, but now that I’ve had these guys for two and four years, I’m starting to think my life was incomplete without a small dog in it. Should the unthinkable happen, my life will be incomplete again, until I’m ready to fill that void.

*  Wow, that last thing was morbid.

*  On the happy side, I have a picture of Squish, modeling the scarf I made Big T.  For the record, it’s the Stanley Scarf pattern, but since I was making it into color blocks, I added an extra garter ridge in each color to make it look more squares. Also, this scarf is a thinner than the original pattern–and the yarn isn’t mohair.  But still–Stanley would have been proud.

*  I’ve spent a couple of relatively uneventful days working–or remembering how to work. Tomorrow I go see Berry Jello and her kids, and we get to sit on the couch and let the dogs neck with us and watch television unashamedly.  I can handle that.

*  Don’t forget– I’m having a chat with Rayna Vause and Kate McMurray on Sunday, 11 a.m. PST RIGHT HERE.   During my hour, I’m giving away books by Z.A. Mayfield, Kim Fielding, and Tara Lain– and a few copies of Manny, of course 😉

*  And now, off to write some more!

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