Kermit Flail and a Celebration of “Henry


I’ve got three great books for Kermit Flail, and considering I just remembered Kermit Flail like, Saturday afternoon that’s more than I deserve!

I actually spent my weekend both very productively and very frustratingly. Productively because I ditched out on two public appearances, one Friday night and one Sunday afternoon, so I could finish this book. And I did! I finished Shades of Henry, the first Flophouse novel, and it’s a crossover between Johnnies and Fish, and I loves it mightily.

In fact, one of the Kermit Flail books is Fish on a Bicycle, and that introduces Henry Worrall, but Shades of Henry tells his love story, and for those of you who love my Fish, you know the love story and the suspense story are two different things.

So that was it–I finished the book! Yay! But I was also supposed to finish an edit, and that didn’t happen, because I was writing a book which meant nobody was going to take my kids out to do fun stuff with them which meant my entire family was in the house all weekend shotgunning the Office. 

You heard me. the Office. 

I’ve got the theme music going on in my head. Progress was excruciating. I can’t even… *flails* Tomorrow I’ll have a couple of hours during the day in my own head and I’m profoundly grateful.


But that said, I do have books from the insanely talented and adventuresome Kim Fielding and the exquisitely lovely and kind Rowan Mcallister to flail–and they’re both so awesome, I am truly honored.

Drawing the Prince

by Kim Fielding

(Available October 1st) 

Painting themselves a life together will be a royal ordeal.

Small-town boy Cal Walters doesn’t know whether he owes his phenomenal success as an artist to talent or to his connections to famous people. Doubt leaves him secluded—until a lost bet lands him on yet another blind date. But this one is different.

To Teofilo Vabriga-Kastav, playboy prince of the tiny nation of Porvunia and passionate art lover, Cal’s paintings are as intriguing as Cal himself. When Teo invites Cal to his country for an art competition, a whirlwind romance sweeps them up. But it can’t last—loyalties and obligations bind them to lives that are worlds apart.

Cal and Teo might’ve found their perfect complements in each other, but to hold on to their happiness, they’ll have to get creative.

The Priest

by Rowan McAllister 
(Available September 10th)
Brother Tasnerek, one of the infamous Thirty-Six stone bearers, is facing a dangerous crisis of faith after uncovering a secret that could shake the foundations of the Brotherhood of Harot. When Tas is sent to protect a tiny village on the edge of Rassa’s borders from Riftspawn, he struggles to resume his duties, risking his life and the lives of those around him.

Girik has always been an outsider, but to help his sick mother, he agrees to be the village’s offering in a painful ritual deemed necessary by the Brotherhood. But when the priest has a crisis of conscience, Girik offers his help to untangle a web of lies—even if it means getting closer than he ever imagined and committing sacrilege in the process.

With a monster lurking in the forest, a wandering mage mysteriously appearing, and more secrets awakening to unravel the truths of their world, Tas and Girik must make grave decisions. A life without danger seems a far-off hope, but love just might be theirs… if they survive.

Fish on a Bicycle
by Amy Lane
Fish Out of Water: Book Five
Jackson Rivers has always bucked the rules—and bucking the rules of recovery is no exception. Now that he and Ellery are starting their own law firm, there’s no reason he can’t rush into trouble and take the same risks as always, right?

Maybe not. Their first case is a doozy, involving porn stars, drug empires, and daddy issues, and their client, Henry Worrall, wants to be an active participant in his own defense. As Henry and Jackson fight the bad guys and each other to find out who dumped the porn star in the trash can, Jackson must reexamine his assumptions that four months of rest and a few good conversations have made him all better inside. 

Jackson keeps crashing his bicycle of self-care and a successful relationship, and Ellery wonders what’s going to give out first—Jackson’s health or Ellery’s patience. Jackson’s body hasn’t forgiven him for past crimes. Can Ellery forgive him for his current sins? And can they keep Henry from going to jail for sleeping with the wrong guy at the wrong time?

Being a fish out of water is tough—but if you give a fish a bicycle, how’s he going to swim?

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