*Kermit Flail* April!!!!

All right, y’all, we’ve got a MASSIVE show for you today!
First of all, thanks to everyone who wished my Squishy happy birthday via yesterday’s post–that was really awesome of you– thanks. Both kids went to bed early tonight–and I think the adults won’t be far to follow!
Anyway– dang, did March go by SUPER FRICKIN’ FAST, right?  Part of it is I think the March Kermit Flail was on, like, the 6th of March, but part of it was just WHEEEEEEEE…. all the things to do in the spring!
But super fast or not, this month’s Kermit Flail is WAY BIGGER than I anticipated–and that makes me really happy. 
We have some frequent visitors here–and treasured friends–Kate McMurray and Rick R. Reed. Kate’s here with a paranormal story which looks aMAZing, and Rick his here with a super-intense contemporary–good stuff, both of them, and I’m SO happy to have them back on the flail!  Sean Michael is new to the flail, I think, but not new to ME–I’ve been enjoying Sean’s powerfully sensual and sexy stories for years, and I was so excited to feature one of those stories here!  (And it’s about FAIRYTALES, so double WOOT!)
Sophia Beaumont is a new to this site author– she was so sweet on Twitter about, “Uh, do you post ANY author who wants to be on the flail?”  And I’ll probably draw the line somewhere, cause it’s MY blog, but for the most part yes. I love diversity here, and her paranormal stories look like shivers-up-the-spine goodness.  
Ashavan Doyon is one of those people I got to know on social media first, and then met in real life at the DSP workshop–and I adore him. We’ve managed to sneak a couple of stolen hours for conversation in the last two years, and I’m always so proud to call him a friend as we’re talking. He’s featuring his newest, and it looks delicious!
Wendy Rathbone and A.E. Wasp are also social media buddies–and I’m always so happy to see them online!  I’m even more happy to feature them here with their new releases, as well!  
And oh!  E.J. Russell and Anne Tenino are here too!!!  They’ve combined on a new BlueWater Bay book, and as someone who’s written in this series, I”m delighted to see it continue in the hands of two AMAZING storytellers–and also very pleased that E.J. asked me to feature them, because Anne has been one of my oldest friends in this business and E.J. is an absolute delight. It’s awesome to have them both. 
And as for Amy? She’s got her own section at the bottom, but I’ll talk about it there.  In the meantime, everybody give a HUGE welcome to all of my distinguished and welcome guest. It’s gonna be a GREAT spring!

The Spider’s Web

by Sophia Beaumont

After being released from a Toronto psych ward, Evie decides that her life needs a drastic change. Moving 500 kilometers east to stay with her aunt in Montreal, however, is not turning out as expected. Though she loves the city, she can’t outrun the problems that drove her to the edge in the first place.

Recovery might be a little easier if not for Micha. Handsome, kind, always willing to help Evie or cheer her on–and completely invisible to everyone else. He seems to think he’s some kind of guardian angel, and she might need one now that things have gone from bad to just plain weird.

It started with the spiders. Then the owls started following her. Ghosts, goddesses, and secret societies are just the icing on the cake. She’s going to need help from some very powerful friends if she wants to make it to her next birthday, but when one of those friends is the goddess of the underworld, her guardian angel might have to start working overtime.

The Spider’s Web is an #ownvoices story about using rock bottom to build a foundation for something greater.

The Spider’s Web on Amazon

The Night Wars

by Missouri Dalton and Sophia Beaumont

A collection of thirteen Night Wars short stories from Missouri Dalton and Sophia Beaumont.

Devilry Done by Missouri Dalton
An Eye for Trouble by Missouri Dalton
Poisoned Spirits by Missouri Dalton
In Defense of Mushrooms by Sophia Beaumont
Happy Halloween by Missouri Dalton
Foxtrot by Missouri Dalton
Ame by Missouri Dalton
This Time of Year by Missouri Dalton
Feumaidh Mi Ruith by Missouri Dalton
The Ten of Cups by Sophia Beaumont
Fiends in Low Places by Missouri Dalton
The Raven and the Wolf by Missouri Dalton
L’Ilse des Soeurs by Sophia Beaumont

The Night Wars Collection

Fairytale Shifters: Little Red Riding Hood

By Sean Michael

Cardinal shifter Red works his tailfeathers off as a waiter at The Woods. He doesn’t mind working hard at the diner, but some of the customers have mean streaks and he’s an easy target. When wolf shifter Growler comes in one day for his lunch, he’s immediately taken by Red and even defends him from the porcine bullies giving Red a hard time.

Red’s boss Reisha warns him about getting together with Growler. The guy is a wolf and Red’s kind are nothing but a light snack to wolves. Still, Red likes to make up his own mind, and sometimes a little danger is fun to flirt with, especially if it gets him what he needs, so when Growler offers to give him a ride on his motorcycle, Red is quick to accept.

Predator and prey usually make uneasy bedfellows, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Red and Growler. Will they be able to fly in the face of convention and find the perfect nest together?

Buy at Amazon

Show and Tell

by Kate McMurray

Dan is a superfan of the TV show Junk Shop, hosted by the handsome and charismatic Malcolm Tell. When an old music box turns up, Dan’s sister encourages him to try to get on the show and meet the object of his affection. He does, and everything changes.

When Dan and Malcolm first meet, they have a sudden vision of something horrible that happened years ago. Is it a glimpse at a past life or something else entirely? They agree to work together to find answers and discover a forgotten Celtic myth that may explain everything. If the myth is true, then Dan and Malcolm could be a pair of lovers who have been reincarnated over two thousand years. That seems impossible, but it’s hard to deny that something very strange is happening.

As Dan and Malcolm work to find the truth, they fall for each other hard. But searching for who they really are puts them both in grave danger, and they find themselves racing against time to keep their happily ever after.

Kate’s Website

Loving Aidan

by Ashavan Doyon

Samuel Riley is gorgeous – tall, muscular, and intelligent. The girls love him. And so does his roommate, Aidan Flemming. Secretly, of course, because even the out and proud Aidan knows there are limits to Sammy’s acceptance. Cursed to watch as Sammy dates half the co-eds on campus, a lonely Aidan spends his time writing, helping Sammy and his friends survive literature classes, and recovering from a disastrous love affair that left Aidan heartbroken.

But when happiness finally comes for Aidan in the body of his roommate’s fellow rower, all that changes. In Steven, Aidan finds happiness and romance. The rower, a blond, blue-eyed Adonis, makes Aidan feel desired and appreciated. But their very public courtship stirs up controversy and violence, and Aidan’s life gets very complicated.

Attacks rock the campus community, and in the middle of the upheaval, Aidan finds himself noticed by the last person he’d expect. Samuel Riley, his roommate, his impossible dream, and just possibly, a very jealous suitor. But the jealous suitor has a girlfriend. And she is not happy.

Buy at Amazon

The Android and the Thief

by Wendy Rathbone

Will love set them free—or seal their fate?

In the 67th century, Trev, a master thief and computer hacker, and Khim, a vat-grown human android, reluctantly share a cell in a floating space prison called Steering Star. Trev is there as part of an arrangement that might finally free him from his father’s control. Khim, formerly a combat android, snaps when he is sold into the pleasure trade and murders the man who sexually assaults him. At first they are at odds, but despite secrets and their dark pasts, they form a pact—first to survive the prison, and then to escape it.

But independence remains elusive, and falling in love comes with its own challenges. Trev’s father, Dante, a powerful underworld figure with sweeping influence throughout the galaxy, maintains control over their lives that seems stronger than any prison security system, and he seeks to keep them apart. Trev and Khim must plan another, more complex escape, and this time make sure they are well beyond the law as well as Dante’s reach.

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The Perils of Intimacy

by Rick R. Reed
Jimmy and Mark make an adorable couple. Jimmy’s kindness (and clean-cut cuteness) radiates out of him like light. Mark, although a bit older, complements Jimmy with his humor and his openness to love.

But between them, a dark secret lurks, one that has the power to destroy.
See, when Mark believes he’s meeting Jimmy for the first time in the diner where he works, he’s wrong.

Mark has no recollection of their original encounter because the wholesome Jimmy of today couldn’t be more different than he was two years ago. Back then, Jimmy sported multiple piercings, had long bleached dreadlocks, facial hair, and was painfully skinny. And he was a meth addict. The drug transformed him into a different person—a lying, conniving thief who robbed Mark blind during their one-night stand.

Mark doesn’t associate the memory of a hookup gone horribly wrong with this fresh-faced, smiling twenty-something… but Jimmy knows. As they begin a dance of love and attraction, will Jimmy be brave enough to reveal the truth? And if he does, will Mark be able to forgive him? Can he see Jimmy for the man he is now and not the addict he was? The answers will depend on whether true love holds enough light to shine through the darkness of past mistakes.

Pre Order at DSP 

Bronze Star

by A.E. Wasp

Chris Dobbs is used to getting what he wants, and what he wants now is his boss.
Everything about the dangerously handsome enigmatic older man drives him to his knees in more ways than one, ways Chris is realizing he’s always craved.

Giving Jay-Cee his body is as simple as breathing, but when Chris smashes through all of Jay-Cee’s hard earned control, he learns Jay-Cee demands more than just his obedience. He wants things Chris can’t give him – his heart, his soul, and his trust.

Jay-Cee offered his brilliant young protégé everything. In return, Chris took only the pieces he wanted and rejected the rest, leaving Jay-Cee reeling.

But the deep connection between them isn’t easily severed, and it promises to heal them both of the scars of their pasts. If they are to build a sanctuary from the rubble of their broken hearts, they’re going to have to risk everything.

Buy at Amazon

For a Good Time, Call…

by Anne Tenino and E.J. Russell

Thirty-seven-year-old Nate Albano’s second relationship ever ended three years ago, and since he’s grace—gray asexual—he doesn’t anticipate beating the odds to find a third. Still, he’s got his dog, his hobbies, and his job as a special effects technician on Wolf’s Landing, so he can’t complain—much.

Seth Larson, umpteenth generation Bluewater Bay, is the quintessential good-time guy, content with tending bar and being his grandmother’s handyman. The night they meet, Seth’s looking for some recreational sex to escape family drama. But for Nate, romantic attraction comes before sexual attraction, so while Seth thinks they’re hooking up, Nate just wants to talk . . . genealogy?

Dude. Seriously?

So they declare a “just friends” truce. Then Seth asks for Nate’s help investigating a sinister Larson family secret, and their feelings start edging way beyond platonic. But Nate may want more than Seth can give him, and Seth may not be able to leave his good-time image behind. Unless they can find a way to merge carefree with commitment, they could miss out on true love—the best time of all.

Buy at Publisher

Amy’s Corner

Okay– so my releases got a little out of hand this month.  Bonfires came out about a week ago, so that still gets featured–and wheeeeeeee!!! People seem to really be loving it, and I’m very proud. 
Also– I have a new audio book out this month. Summer Lessons is out in audio, and this pleases me no end because the amazing and inimitable Nick J. Russo did the voice work, so I’m super excited. 
And also…
This book is 7 years in the making, so I was going to give it a little advance notice. Quickening comes out in May, the 5th Little Goddess book, and I have SO much to say about these stories that I needed to start with the refresher right now!
So Amy’s Corner is a little full right now, and it’s sort of all BIG stuff, so I had to make it it’s own deal.  *waves madly*  Thanks everyone for reading!


by Amy Lane

Ten years ago Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron George lost his wife and moved to Colton, hoping growing up in a small town would be better for his children. He’s gotten to know his community, including Mr. Larkin, the bouncy, funny science teacher. But when Larx is dragged unwillingly into administration, he stops coaching the track team and starts running alone. Aaron—who thought life began and ended with his kids—is distracted by a glistening chest and a principal running on a dangerous road.

Larx has been living for his kids too—and for his students at Colton High. He’s not ready to be charmed by Aaron, but when they start running together, he comes to appreciate the deputy’s steadiness, humor, and complete understanding of Larx’s priorities. Children first, job second, his own interests a sad last.

It only takes one kiss for two men approaching fifty to start acting like teenagers in love, even amid all the responsibilities they shoulder. Then an act of violence puts their burgeoning relationship on hold. The adult responsibilities they’ve embraced are now instrumental in keeping their town from exploding. When things come to a head, they realize their newly forged family might be what keeps the world from spinning out of control.


Summer Lessons


Mason Hayes’s love life has a long history of losers who don’t see that Mason’s heart is as deep and tender as his mouth is awkward. He wants kindness, he wants love – and he wants someone who thinks sex is as fantastic as he does. When Terry Jefferson first asks him out, Mason thinks it’s a fluke: Mason is too old, too boring, and too blurty to interest someone as young and hot as his friend’s soccer teammate.

The truth is much more painful: Mason and Terry are perfectly compatible, and they totally get each other. But Terry is still living with his toxic, suffocating parent and Mason doesn’t want to be a sugar daddy. Watching Terry struggle to find himself is a long lesson in patience, but Mason needs to trust that the end result will be worth it, because finally, he’s found a man worth sharing his heart with.


Quickening Part 1

by Amy Lane

Cory thought she’d found balance on Green’s hill—sorceress, student, queen of the vampires, wife to three men—she had it down! But establishing her right to risk herself with Green and Bracken had more than one consequence, and now she’s facing the world’s scariest job title: mother.

But getting the news that she’s knocked up takes a backseat when a half-elf hunts them down for help. Her arrival brings news that the werewolf threat, which has been haunting them for over a year, has finally arrived on their doorstep—and it’s bigger and more frightening than they’d ever imagined.

Cory throws herself into this new battle with everything she’s got—and her men let her do it. Because they all know that whether they defeat this enemy now or later, the thing she’s most afraid of is arriving on a set schedule, and not even Cory can avoid it. The trick is getting her to acknowledge she’s pregnant before she gives birth—or kills herself in denial.

Pre Order at Amazon

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