Kermit Flail June Edition!!!


I’ll admit it–first I’m excited because String Boys is out. And, seriously, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!  I’ve been so excited about folks getting a look at this book–I’ve also been really nervous so I’ve kept it kind of close to my heart, which, honestly, is a shitty way to market a book. Anyway– it’s out! I’m excited! And so far, it seems to be running people through an emotional cheese grater, and I guess some of you like that? I mean, you know, if that’s what you want…

Anyway– so THAT’s exciting!

Also exciting is the number and scope of folks who sort of sought me out this go-round. I mean, I’ve got one solid case of “Hey! This is a new release! I must have it!”  (I’m looking at YOU Jeff Adams!) but other than that, I got all of these entries like manna from heaven, and, well, considering how VERY unambitious I’ve been this last week (ugh–finally getting better enough to sleep–so I’ve been doing a lot of that…) I’m very pleased.

So come see what we have to offer this time round–it’s some very exciting stuff! And what a perfect way to kick off your summer, right? 


We’re starting with Jay Hogan’s Crossing the Touchline, which, hey, rugby players–says it all, right? Rough, tumble, sexy– come see!

Crossing the Touchline 
by Jay Hogan


What if you’ve worked your whole life for a dream, to play rugby for the most successful sports team on the planet, the New Zealand All Blacks?
What if that dream is so close you can smell it?
What if you meet someone?
What if you fall in love?
What if your dream will cost the man who’s stolen your heart?
And what if the dream changes?
Reuben Taylor has a choice to make.
Cameron Wano is that choice.
-Part of the Auckland Med. series that includes ‘First Impressions’
Can be read as a standalone.

So we have two main characters named “Theo” going down this time, and I thought that warranted a mention. The first is Melanie Jayne’s Theo, from her award nominated werewolf series which looks spooky and gothic and nom!

Feel Me

by Melanie Jayne

Sometimes, Goodbye is the Only Way

Raider Black, Leader of the Novus Pack, will do anything for his people. His word is his bond no matter the sacrifice. Novus has always come first.

Theodora Morrissey is a gift from The Goddess to the Lycan world. It doesn’t take someone with her psychic abilities to see that her future is in jeopardy.

When Theo is discovered bloodied, beaten, violated, and broken, Black must find a way for her to be healed or his dream for their future will be destroyed.

Our second Theo belongs to Jeff Adams, with his amazing YA Codename: Winger series–and this is the last book in the series itself! I heard Jeff give a reading from this, and it’s A-MAZ-ING! If you haven’t read the first three, take advantage of the offer below to get the first one for .99– this one is on my TBR and it looks FABULOUS. 

Codename: Winger: Book Four

by Jeff Adams
For teenage secret agent Theo Reese, summer brought one surprise after another, and now that he’s back at school, the shocks keep coming. The unthinkable has happened—enemies have breached Tactical Operational Support, forcing Theo and his parents to instigate the protocols they’ve put in place in case of a worst-case scenario.

As Theo goes on the run and tries to stay ahead of those pursuing them, he realizes the TOS network is down… and he’s on his own. He soon discovers the renegade organization Blackbird is responsible.

Theo’s been targeted by an old nemesis, who will do whatever it takes to force his hand and obtain his help in taking global control of the internet.

Theo must prevent the internet hijacking, and while he finds allies, they’re in the last place he expects….

Buy at Amazon

For anyone looking to start the “Codename: Winger” series, “Tracker Hacker,” the first book, is on sale to celebrate Pride Month. The ebook is 99 cents at all retailers. Buy Here 

Lissa Kasey’s Range of Emotions looks heart wrenching and wonderful. Lissa has such a vibrant presence online–her book looks like it captures that. 

Range of Emotions

by Lissa Kasey
Nate Granger is losing everything to mental illness; his job, his home, and even his sanity. All he has left are his three ancient cats and a best friend who lives across the country. Faced with the choice of trying to piece the tattered remains of his life back together or move in with the man he’s always dreamt could be his and start over, Nate is too afraid of losing Jamie to decide.

After Jameson “Jamie” McKendal lost his wife to cancer, he buried his grief in online video games, which is where he met Nate. Now he specializes in rescues, both as a park ranger, and as an animal rehabilitation specialist. He knows a skittish animal when he sees one, and Nate’s been in need of rescue for a while. A decade of friendship has Jamie thinking he might want more, but he has to help Nate heal first.

Can Jamie convince Nate that his worth lies in who he is and not what he can do for others? Does Nate even dare to hope for a chance to find love in the aftermath of his chaotic life?

C. Jane Elliot’s The Player’s Protege takes one of my favorite tropes–the Sexual Butterfly– and uses it to turn the tables on the player himself. How delicious! 
The Player’s Protege 

by C.Jane Elliott

When his friends bet cynical Jerry that he can’t turn sweet Arlo into a player, Jerry might win the bet but lose his heart.
College senior Jerry Helstrom survived a gay childhood in Texas by being fierce and fabulous. At school he gained a reputation as a player and kept his heart so guarded that he’s forgotten he has one.  When his friends bet him he can’t help innocent Arlo Barnes, Jerry takes on the challenge and quickly finds himself drawn to his sexy mentee.
Arlo wants to make up for lost time. He’s been dumped by his only boyfriend and needs help getting himself out there. Enter Jerry Helstrom, player extraordinaire and happy to provide Arlo with some hands-on sex coaching. Jerry encourages Arlo to ask for what he wants in sex and in life, something Arlo struggles with despite his martial-arts black belt. The struggle deepens when Arlo discovers that what—or who—he truly wants is the seemingly unattainable Jerry Helstrom. 
Jerry can teach Arlo to play the field, but can Arlo teach Jerry to play for keeps?

Buy at DSP

And String Boys–a coming of age story, this starts with three boys playing violins in a drafty cafeteria and takes us across years and miles in a journey that will break our hearts–and hopefully put them back together again. Come see my boys play–

String Boys 

by Amy Lane

Seth Arnold learned at an early age that two things in life could make his soul soar—his violin and Kelly Cruz. In Seth’s uncertain childhood, the kindness of the Cruz family, especially Kelly and his brother, Matty, gave Seth the stability to make his violin sing with the purest sound and opened a world of possibility beyond his home in Sacramento.

Kelly Cruz has loved Seth forever, but he knows Seth’s talents shouldn’t be hidden, not when the world is waiting. Encouraging Seth to follow his music might break Kelly’s heart, but he is determined to see the violin set Seth’s soul free. When their world is devastated by a violent sexual assault and Matty’s prejudices turn him from a brother to an enemy, Seth and Kelly’s future becomes uncertain.

Seth can’t come home and Kelly can’t leave, but they are held together by a love that they clutch with both hands.

Seth and Kelly are young and the world is wide—the only thing they know for certain is they’ll follow their heartstrings to each other’s arms whenever time and fate allow. And pray that one day they can follow that string to forever… before it slices their hearts in two.

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